New Yearís Eve Images

The images in this mini-gallery are all from New Year celebrations. For obvious reasons I do not expect to augment it either very often or greatly. Also, the quality of the shots leaves much to be desired; they were taken on mobile phones and under less than optimum conditions. The photos from December 31, 2013 were forwarded to me in January 2015. I have run into George at Trafalgar Square three times on the last day of the year. I know him from MSO, and asked him at the 2014 event if he would forward me these images. Better late than never. (Make that four times with 2019).

December 31, 2011: Re the above, and the photograph immediately below, see article.

December 31, 2011.

December 31, 2013.

December 31, 2013: George Lane.

December 31, 2013: With George Lane.

December 31, 2014.

December 31, 2014: George Lane.

December 31, 2014: With George Lane.

December 31, 2019: With George Lane.

December 31, 2019: With George Lane.

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