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This page contains external links to all the articles I published on Medium starting in October 2018 until my account was suspended almost exactly a year later.

To say my view/read statistics on this subscription based website were poor is a classic understatement; this file contains the statistics for my last five articles followed by those for the first four. My quite lengthy article on the conspiracy against Donald Trump was republished by The Duran where it picked up over two thousand pageviews and this flattering comment by a fellow AL.

With that in mind, I was not particularly bothered with writing for the site, and noticing how totally moronic were some of its contributors, I decided to comment acidly here and there, pushing the envelope as far as I could. One such contributor is Jessica Valenti, who is not only a moron but nasty with it. I couldn’t resist commenting on some of her contributions; it was this one to a typically moronic article Believe Elizabeth Warren or Believe Sexists that got me suspended/banned.

(For some reason, Medium classifies comments as stories, even far shorter comments than this one).

I’ll have to write an article or make a video about Valenti at some point; I’ve read her autobiography, and as well as a moron she is both a total cunt and a typical feminist cry bully, the type of woman who punches you in the face then blames you for bruising her knuckles. Clearly it was she who complained about that comment, but she has also written articles accusing Donald Trump of being a rapist, and Brett Kavanaugh of being little better. If you are au fait with the ludicrous allegation of E. Jean Carroll and the disgraceful smears on Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford and others, you will understand where I am coming from. As I said, Valenti is both a moron and a total cunt.

Amusingly, some of her contributions to Medium are so far off the planet they have attracted scorn and ridicule from female commenters, and that is saying something considering some of its other contributors, like the airhead who drew this fact-check comment. That drew a clap from a Medium reader. My mini-rant against Valenti drew 217 of them!

Returning to Medium, rather than look around for another website to contribute to, I have decided I have more than enough on my plate at the moment with other projects, in particular the International False Rape Timeline (with occasional live hangouts) and the new British Prudery Archive.

With that, the list of articles below republished on VennerRoad is in (their original) chronological order. A couple of insignificant points: the placing of the m dash may not be precisely correct in one or two of them, and the (1) in the May 10 article was added when it was republished.

Medium Articles

October 26, 2018: The Mind Sports Olympiad Goes Live
November 16, 2018: Race, Class, And Gender In The United States: An Integrated Study
December 6, 2018: The UK Parole Board Has Lost Its Collective Mind
December 25, 2018: The Sin Toyers
January 8, 2019: Should Women Get Away With Murder?
January 28, 2019: Akhmejanov And Parry—Bringing Russian Culture To London
February 21, 2019: How Insane Is The Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal?
April 14, 2019: Paul Raymond (1945-2019)
April 20, 2019: Time To Stop The Russophobia
April 21, 2019: The Rights And Wrongs Of Andrew Yang
April 23, 2019: TRUMP — The Reckoning
May 4, 2019: The Great Russian American Election Conspiracy Hoax
May 10, 2019: “Sex On Trial” (1) — Review
May 17, 2019: “Sex On Trial” (2) — Review
May 24, 2019: TANK — 80s Music For Today
May 26, 2019: “Sex On Trial” (3) — Review
June 1: Who Hacked America?
June 25, 2019: Rape Liar Syndrome
July 13, 2019: The Witch-Hunt Of John Leslie
August 12, 2019: The Art Of Dwina Murphy-Gibb
September 2, 2019: MSO — Going Strong At 23
September 8, 2019: DAVE CHAPPELLE — A True Hero Of Comedy
September 12, 2019: A Tale Of Two Investigative Reporters
September 13, 2019: Basic Income — Reductio Ad Absurdum
September 15, 2019: The Great Reading Gang-Rape Hoax Of 1982 (And Its Aftermath)
September 18, 2019: What Killed Eric Garner?
October 10, 2019: Al Stewart — Cadogan Hall, October 9
October 12, 2019: The Police Are Not Your Friends, Colin

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