Documentation on the lies of law professor Lisa Avalos

Dear Legal Scholars,

I have just read Prosecuting Rape Victims While Rapists Run Free... by Arkansas University professor Lisa Avalos in the Michigan Journal Of Gender And Law, and have to say I am astounded that such a wilfully dishonest polemic could be published by a peer-reviewed magazine. Professor Avalos spends almost the entire article whining that women are widely believed to lie about rape. Sadly, she is living proof of this, because she is a woman lying gratuitously about rape.

I could make numerous points but I will confine myself to Rhiannon Brooker and Eleanor de Freitas. Documentation on these rape liars is linked from the INTERNATIONAL FALSE RAPE TIMELINE (below).

There is absolutely no question that Rhiannon Brooker made it all up. There is no mention in this article that the police took her at face value because she looked the part, and because she had systematically drip fed her circle a tissue of lies over several months. The man she accused falsely spent 36 days on remand, and was facing a potential life sentence. The women detectives who investigated Brooker were astounded at the lengths she went to, and at the fabricated forensic evidence.

Likewise, Eleanor de Freitas was a proven liar; she claimed she had been drugged and held prisoner, but CCTV evidence clearly showed her happily shopping with her alleged violator the day after he was supposed to have carried out the foul deed. Her father is simply lying when he said the police believed her. Furthermore, Alexander Economou was not the first man she had falsely accused of rape.

In her article, Professor Avalos credits Lisa Longstaff, who is as big a liar as herself because she went on the Victoria Derbyshire news programme and (albeit without naming him) repeated the canard that Mr Economou had raped Eleanor de Freitas.

If your journal has any integrity at all it will issue a rebuttal of her shameful claims. Like I said, I could go on, but the ball is now in your court.

A Baron

Welcome To The International False Rape Timeline

The above e-mail was sent to the journal concerned, a number of legal scholars, and others including the lady herself on October 28, 2016. Some of the recipients were attached to her institution, others were not. As expected, I received no response.

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