Leroy Cool Meets Patrisse Cullors


Hi everybody, I’m back. Been away awhile. I’m here in Los Angeles to...wait, I know that face.


Excuse me, but aren’t you Patrisse Cullors?


Yes, do I know you?


No, but I thought I recognised you.


Of course.


Nice jugs, shame about the tattoo.


I beg your pardon.


I said it really bugs me the way they portray you.


Who does?


The white supremacist media, of course.


Of course.


I mean, they made you famous after the death of Trayvon Martin.


They did?


Then they cheered you on as you and your chums in Antifa burned American cities to the ground after the death of George Floyd.




And they made you rich, along with their ultra-wealthy backers and white liberals.


Er, just...


But it took another black woman to expose you for the grifter you are; remember Candace Owens?






Er, excuse me, I have to meet my girfriends.


Hey, wait. I haven’t asked you where all the money went yet!


Man, did you ever see a land whale move so fast? Guess I must have hit a nerve!

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