Leroy Cool Meets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Hi everybody, I’m back in the Big Apple.


Hey, I recognise her.



Excuse me, aren’t you Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Yes, do I know you?


No, but I know you as does the rest of the country after your amazing win. I’m sure you’ll do well in Congress.


Thank you.


I especially admire your principled stand for Palestinian rights against Zionist tyranny.


Thank you.


The situation is terrible there, especially in the settlements.


Yes, it is.


I’m not surprised there is so much resistance to it. Yasser Arafat is doing a great job, don’t you think?


Er, yes, him and everyone else in the er, the er, resistance.


Can I ask you what you think of Hamas?






I think on the whole I prefer taramasalata.


Somehow I thought you’d say that. I hope you’ll soon become the leader of the Democratic Party.


Thank you. Well, have to go now. Bye.


I certainly do hope she becomes party leader.


So does the entire Republican Party!

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