Leroy Cool Meets Kirsten Gillibrand

Hi all, I’m back in DC again.

Hey, I recognise her.

Excuse me, aren’t you Senator Kirsten Gillibrand?

Yes, can I help you?

You sure can. I heard you called on President Trump to resign over those allegations of sexual misconduct.

Yes, I have.

Guess that means you’re on a hat trick.

Er, hat trick?

Yes. You backed Mattress Girl, and she turned out to be a notorious liar.


Then you backed the UVA rape hoaxer...


And made an even bigger fool of yourself by saying her lies could have been beneficial by throwing a spotlight on this non-problem.

Now you’re going to get your ass kicked by backing this gaggle of lying hags against POTUS.


Ain’t that right?

Good grief, is that the time? Have to be somewhere. Nice to meet you, bye. Taxi!

Hey, wait!

Damn, I wanted to ask her what she thought of the DeVos plan to restore due process in campus sexual assault cases.



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