Leroy Cool Is Bemused By James Comey

Hi all. Have you been following this phony Russia probe?

And the Clinton e-mail scandal?

Man, that James Comey does my brain in.

Here he is swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and anything but the truth.

He addresses the nation, spells out the crimes of Hillary Clinton, how she used a private, unsecured server for communications that should only have been carried out on an ultra-secure government network.

She ignored the instructions of the NSA.

Lied to Congress.

Shared information with unauthorised people.

And Comey canít find intent!

Then he reads the mind of Donald Trump.

Believes the President is asking him to obstruct justice.

Even though he has already told Trump that he is not under investigation for colluding in some fanciful fashion with Vladmir Putin.

So he writes a memo to himself...

And leaks it to the media hoping to start a special investigation

Into the Presidentís intentions.

Because he is too chicken-hearted...

To tell the President what is on his mind.

Now heís getting his butt kicked...

Or worse.

My Mom says itís a white thing.

I say you have to see the bigger picture...

Like the thoroughly corrupt Loretta Lynch.

In other words, itís a green thing. As usual.

The same colour as the algae in the swamp POTUS is draining.



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