Leroy Cool Meets David Duke

Hi everybody, back at the airport again. Hey, isn’t that...


Excuse me, aren’t you David Duke?

Er, yes, do I know you?

Probably not, but I watch your YouTube videos quite a bit.

I hope you find them enlightening.

I certainly do, it’s amazing the way Zionist Jews control the Federal Reserve. I’d never have believed it, but you can’t argue with facts.

No, you can’t.

Greenspan, Bernanke, and now Yellen. There’s no arguing with that.

No, there isn’t.

And it’s truly amazing how they control all the other banks...

It certainly is.

Like in Saudi Arabia, man that must take some punch.


And the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


And Iran...


Say, my flight isn’t for another two hours yet, perhaps I could buy you a coffee while you explain to me how they manage this?

Good grief, is that the time, I have to book in. See you, bye.

Shucks, I wanted to ask him why if the world Zionist conspiracy is so powerful it hasn’t succeeded in having his books banned by Amazon.



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