Leroy Cool Disses Kamilah Willingham


Hi ya’ll...


My Mom said something really kind to me yesterday.


Leroy, she said, as there are so few black youths in college except on sports scholarships, you have the pick of the crop.


She said I should set my sights on marrying a law graduate.


That was really kind of her, she’s the kindest woman I know, my Mom, but I’m not so sure about dating a law graduate, not since I met Kamilah Willingham.


If you haven’t heard of Kamy, she is one fit chick; here’s her picture.



Stunning, isn’t she? A bit like a young Jennifer Aniston, but with a different hairstyle.


Professional demeanour too, just what you’d expect from a Harvard girl.



She sounds the part too, very soft spoken, and you’d think sweet-natured, but then I saw her in The Hunting Ground.


In the trailer to that mockumentary she said: “Almost instantly after we got into the taxi I just felt this extremely heavy feeling come over me.”


The implication is that her drink had been drugged by the student she accused of raping her.


Apart from alcohol, the only drug she took that night was the one she supplied: cocaine. Right Kamy?



She gets wasted, so spaced out she doesn’t know what she’s doing, then accuses a fellow student of rape.


Heck, does any guy need a girlfriend like that, however attractive?


Never judge a book by its cover, and all that.


This is the real Kamilah: airhead, self-styled black feminist, and a professional victim.



Gotta luv that book she’s holding: We Believe You – did she study law at Harvard or religion?


Gonna give this fantasist a miss.


Maybe find a none-too-bright but homely girl from the ’hood.


Just like my Mom!


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