Leroy Cool Meets The Mind-Benders


Hi there, or perhaps I should say hello dare! No, seriously, I keep hearing all this talk about racism in the media, yet everywhere I look, all I see is race-mixing. It’s bad back home in the States, like with this Amazon advert...



but here, like man, it is gratuitous with a capital G. This is from a recent TV advertisement...



Notice the dude has to be white, and of course they have a kid. Doesn’t look much like him, does she?



And have you seen the soaps here, of late? Every single one has to have its own “mixed race” couple. This one didn’t last.



Here is a white ho wid her black beau from de same series. She may be very blonde, but she’s never slept white, and recently she’s developed a liking for curry, too.



And would you believe another one? Corrupting the Moslems this time. This was before he took up with the blonde above.



And another TV ad, this time the ho is pregnant. What was that you said boss?



Bluebirds fly with bluebirds.


Yo, I remember that, even though it was way before my time, and you beat that white liberal Parkinson by a knockout.


Maybe I’m missin’ something...


Then again, maybe I’m not!


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