Leroy Cool Meets Tonya Lee

Excuse me, but arenít you Tonya Lee, from the Rolf Harris trial?

Yes, I am.

So you were a teenager when he groped you, right?

Yes, I was.

That must have been terrifying.

Yes, it was.

It was so traumatic it reduced you to tears 26 years later.

Yes, it did.

And again after he was convicted.

Yes, it did.

You must have gone through absolute Hell.

Yes, I did.


I know some women have had traumatic experiences, but to have Rolf Harris touch your breast, and then to put his hand down your underwear. Man, like that is something no woman can ever get over, especially as it happened when you were a teenager.


No, Iíve never gotten over it. Iíll never get over it.

I mean, Kara Robinson...



...was abducted at gunpoint and raped repeatedly by serial killer Richard Evonitz before escaping. I guess getting away from him reduced her trauma; thatís something you couldnít do in that public house.


And Trishi Meili



Was raped, beaten nearly to death, suffered severe hypothermia and blood loss, nearly lost an eye, suffered internal bleeding, and had her skull fractured, but her amnesia meant she had no recollection of the attack, so I guess she was luckier than you. What say?


Listen you n...


...non-believer, I donít have to take this, he was found guilty.

Hey, chill out, gal. I know the trial was an ordeal. I mean Naomi Oni used to look like this.


But her attacker left her looking like this...



Then just like you she had to come to court, an ordeal that took great courage, and be cross-examined, branded a liar, and accused of doing this to herself. But her attacker got twelve years, so I suppose the end result meant this was all less of an ordeal for her.


And then there was Bethany Hamilton...


...she had her left arm ripped off by a shark when she was younger than you. And unlike you, she really has lost something permanently.

Who the f*** do you think you are? I donít have to stand here and take this.

Hey, lighten up gal. My flight isnít due for another two hours yet, I was going to offer to buy you a drink.

You were?


Sure, I have a thing about older women. Say, my Visa card is in my luggage, perhaps you could pay for the drinks out of that 33 grand you got for selling your story in twenty-twelve?


You...F*** off!!!

Tonya Lee is living proof of what my grandmammy always used to say, empty vessels make most noise.


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