Leroy Cool Checks His Privilege

Hi there, or perhaps I should say hello dere. Probably not, that would be racist.

Talking of epithets, have you heard of Peggy McIntosh? She’s the woman who popularised White Privilege. That’s her here.


Yeah, you guessed it, she’s a typical social justice warrior.

Like to know what she keeps in her invisible knapsack? Well, inter alia...

“If I want to, I can be pretty sure of finding a publisher for this piece on white privilege”.

Hmm, is that because she’s white or because she’s a career academic?

Hey, I may not enjoy White Privilege, but I enjoy Male Privilege, right? Like these dudes from the First World War.

Hmm, maybe Male Privilege isn’t such a great thing after all.

Come to think of it, maybe White Privilege isn’t so hot either. Those guys were white.

So were these folks.


True, there is the privilege money can’t buy.


But for most of us, privilege means money in bank.

And everything that comes with the 21st Century, in particular the accumulation of real wealth made possible by new technology under capitalism.

And this was created largely by white men. Think not?

This is a mud hut in Tanzania.


Not exactly the Hilton, is it?

Are White Privilege and Imperialism really responsible for this?

Just remember when social justice warriors like Peggy McIntosh talk about redistributing wealth, what they mean is taking your tax dollars and giving it to people who live in mud huts.

And just as often, their true oppressors.


Maybe Ameri-K-a isn’t so bad after all.


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