Leroy Cool Meets Nick Griffin


I heard BNP leader Nick Griffin has made a cookery video. Thought I’d drop in and see how he’s getting on.

Hello, Mr Griffin.

Er, oh, hello my n...


...new friend.

I see you’re making another cookery video.

Er, yes, another good old English dish.


Yes, with traditional English potatoes.

As first grown in Peru?

Yes, but the BNP is eclectic nowadays; we like to choose the best of all things.

You’ll be telling me you’ll cook soul food next.

Good grief, yes. And curried goat. Would you like to taste this?

Sure thanks. Hey, this is good.

We gave cooking to the world, you know.

And vegetarian, so it’s suitable for a certain minority.

Oh yes, we do Kosher. I cook a nice chicken soup, too.

(Says the man who wrote Who Are The Mind-benders?) Er, actually I meant halal.

What!? We don’t serve any of that filthy Islamic muck.

Hmm, wonder what else he doesn’t like about Islam, perhaps its condemnation of usury or its uncompromising stand against sodomising the culture?


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