We live in an age of oppressed minorities. Turn on the TV, tune into the radio, pick up a newspaper, and you are sure to see, hear or read a heartrending plea from a highly paid spokesman or spokeswoman of some minority or other expounding at length on how they are oppressed by capitalism, racism, prejudice, bigotry, and so on, and how they need special rights, privileges, legal protection, and public money which you - the taxpayer and ratepayer - should cough up gladly. Indeed, how can you not be ashamed at the way these poor people have suffered in the past, and how they continue to suffer now?

Blacks continue to claim that they are oppressed because of slavery - yes, slavery. Women - who make up 51% of the adult population - are also an oppressed minority, black women doubly so. Moslems are no less adept at claiming victim status, and of course, the world’s whipping boy since time immemorial has been and continues to be the Jew. Or so Jewish spokesmen never tire of telling us.

None of these claims is entirely without merit. Blacks are among the highest paid sportsmen in the world, including particularly heavyweight boxing, which they dominate. Black men and women are also among the world’s highest paid entertainers. But you don’t have to look far to find especially young, lower class black men who have had a raw deal - even in the land of the free. Women not only own more wealth than men, they also outlive us, but the rape statistics in our supposedly civilised society should make all men hang their heads in shame. Moslems are among the wealthiest people in Britain, but far from all of them, and as I write these words there are Moslems suffering and dying in Occupied Palestine, India and many other countries. And however much all Moslems may abhor the poisonous ideology of political Zionism, there are innocent Jews suffering in “Israel” and many other countries either because of or in spite of Jewish racial supremacy.

Indeed, it is probably true that each and every one of us belongs to some oppressed minority; wealthy and powerful middle aged, middle class white men are more prone to stress and heart attacks than most other groups. Be that as it may, it is a fallacy that all minorities are oppressed. Convicted murderers are a very tiny minority, but none of us should lose any sleep over the fact that those rightly convicted of the ultimate crime are deprived of their liberty for many years, in some cases forever.

Another such minority, albeit one that is somewhat lower down the hierarchy of infamy than murderers, are practising homosexuals. In our ordered universe, Jews, Moslems, trades unionists, sportsmen, and many others, are bound by blood, religion, ideology or common interest. So too increasingly are homosexuals, and like all these others, the Organised Homosexual Movement has its spin doctors, to borrow a phrase from New Labour. Though spin is a relatively new term, spin itself is as old as the hills; it is better known as propaganda. Propaganda is not necessarily a bad thing, else why proselytise the Faith? But propaganda that is aimed at normalising perversion, degradation, filth and squalor must be recognised for what it is, and fought tooth and claw. Such is the propaganda of the Organised Homosexual Movement.

“Gay” Propaganda

In July 1960, a series in the girls’ comic School Friend was called The Gay Princess, while in October 1961, another girls’ comic, June, referred to its Star of the Week as “gay Helen Shapiro”. (1) Today, a gay princess and a gay singer would have entirely different connotations. In his autobiography, published some five years later, a senior Scottish police officer recounted how in his younger days he had been engaged in the suppression of homosexual practices in the public toilets of Edinburgh.

William Merrilees might be described as an old-fashioned no-nonsense “copper”. Before the Second World War when he was head of the Vice Squad, he was given the task of cleaning up the city’s lowlife, and he did so with alacrity. In a chapter The Campaign Against Homosexuality, he enthused: “Now that we had convictions to our credit, I felt free to wage wholesale war on these perverts and their associates, and quite a number of arrests were made from urinals throughout the city.” (2)

This admirable moral crusade was to result in the closure of nine public urinals and other premises. Nowadays, any police officer who campaigned against homosexuality would be accused of homophobia, and one who referred openly to homosexuals as perverts would be hauled up in front of a disciplinary board. Even then at times rightly feared British police have been cowed by the constant barrage of gay propaganda.

Gay, this happy sounding word, has been verbally kidnapped by the homosexual lobby. The evidence that homosexuality is gay is close to non-existent, but by dint of incessant repetition we have reached the stage where even the staunchest opponents of this perversion refer openly to homosexuals as gays.

Although one must always be careful about how one interprets statistics, the evidence from statistics as from other sources is impressive - or rather horrifying - that homosexuals are emphatically not gay; that by and large they die younger, are more prone to violence - both as victims and as perpetrators - (3) and that they are vectors of the most abominable diseases known to man.

Any honest, unbiased person who has studied the medical literature relating to homosexuality will surely reach the same conclusion. This is undoubtedly the reason there are so few homosexual doctors.

In addition to proselytising homosexuality as gay, the Organised Homosexual Movement has coined an epithet, homophobia, which like racist or anti-Semite is the modern day equivalent of branding somebody a witch. In 1997, an American psychiatrist wrote that: “In 1970, homosexuality was an illness so dangerous to the commonwealth that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service was charged with excluding homosexuals from entering the country...Today, homosexuality is a normal life style; disapproving of it is a mental illness called ‘homophobia’...” (4)

In a press release dated December 15, 1973, the American Psychiatric Association became the first medical organisation “to officially remove the stigma of disease from persons with same-sex preference”. (5)

One might ask what new findings were made about homosexuality between 1970 and 1973 to reverse the diagnosis that it is a disease? The answer is of course none, but the homosexual lobby (6) brought about this reversal by its persistent and for the most part dishonest public campaigning and lobbying of government and influential organisations. Homosexuality is indeed a disease, but a disease of the spirit.

The One In Ten Myth

The statistic that homosexual activists are most fond of spouting is the mythical one in ten. Writing in the unofficial Labour Party magazine Briefing, (7) in 1993, the well-known and vocal homosexual activist Peter Tatchell reports that “10 per cent of the population is exclusively or predominantly queer...”, (his word); that “15 per cent are bisexual for all or part of their lives”, while “25-35 per cent have at least one homosexual experience leading to orgasm during their lifetime...” (8)

These figures are derived from the so-called researches of Dr Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), an American sexologist who published two widely publicised reports (9) on human sexuality in the late 40s/early 50s. It is Kinsey’s report on the human male that is the most widely cited. (10)

Kinsey’s remarkable findings extend way beyond mere homosexuality, and anyone who has read his work with the slightest critical faculty will soon conclude they would laughable if they were not so sick. For example, Kinsey and his team report that of boys raised on farms, “about 17 per cent experience orgasm as the product of animal contacts...after the onset of adolescence” and that up to 28% of college level rural males have some animal experience to the point of orgasm. Well over half of these have some kind of sexual contact with animals. (11)

One can only imagine what Kinsey understood by the word orgasm, but leaving that aside it is clear that he is confusing the true meanings of words and emotions. As the Conservative author Stephen Green writes poetically of agony aunt Claire Rayner, she uses the word love too loosely for us to know whether she means friendship, affection, commitment, or ten minutes in a public convenience. (12)

Two academics, Reisman (13) and Eichel, who subjected Kinsey’s researches to a close scrutiny, have thoroughly discredited his findings. Even though “The Kinsey Reports have become the starting point for subsequent sex research” and “The textbooks quote Kinsey’s findings as if they were undisputed truth”, (14) Kinsey’s research has never been replicated. (15)

Leaving aside academic studies, mere observation is enough to indicate that far less than one in ten of the population is homosexual, actively so or otherwise. The grain of truth in Peter Tatchell’s assertion that “25-35 per cent have at least one homosexual experience leading to orgasm during their lifetime...” may be that most of us have some sort of homosexual experience at some time in our lives, but that depends of course on how you define the term homosexual experience. If you are propositioned by a homosexual, or if an openly homosexual man smiles at you lustfully in the street, then you too have had a homosexual experience.

The actual percentage of the population that is homosexual - overtly or otherwise - is extremely difficult to determine. This is made even more difficult by the fact that homosexuals are concentrated in certain locations, (16) in certain professions, (17) and that they make a lot of noise.

The purpose of the constant repetition of the mythical one in ten is to attempt further to “normalise” homosexuality. This argument is in any case spurious, as Sahib Bleher pointed out in a reply to a query on the Party website: “the assumption [here is] that the mere existence of a condition justifies its validity, and that decisions are to be taken on the basis of how much support there is rather than on the question whether something is morally justified.”

Using the same fallacious logic, paedophilia, theft, even murder can be justified. As stated above, not all minorities are oppressed, and some deserve to be dealt with severely.

It is important to recognise that even many people who might otherwise be considered “right wing” have fallen for much homosexual propaganda. As well as referring to homosexuals as gay, they often take the homosexual lobby’s self-serving statistics at face value. (18)

Catch Them Young

There is an old maxim - attributed to the Jesuits - that if you school a child for the first six or seven years of its life, it doesn’t matter who has it for the rest. The age of consent in Britain is now sixteen. Up until recently the age of consent for homosexual acts was eighteen. The Labour Government, heavily influenced by both the homosexuals in its own upper echelons (19) and the homosexual lobby in general, was intent on lowering the age of consent to sixteen on the grounds that not to do so would be to perpetuate homophobia. It did so in spite of a revolt in the Lords led by Baroness Young.

In February 1994 when a vote to lower the age of consent for sodomy to sixteen was lost, hundreds of militant homosexuals stormed Parliament and abused MPs. This was in spite of the House voting to lower the age of consent to eighteen, which under the circumstances was certainly a concession to perversion. Peter Tatchell was quoted in the Times thus: “They have no respect for us, so we will have no respect for Parliament.” He also threatened a major campaign of civil disobedience. (20) About ten arrests were reported. (21)

In November 1998, when the government tried again to lower the age of consent for homosexual acts, the Lords prevailed. One magazine reported that Tatchell wanted to push for it to be lowered to fourteen. Other members of his group, OutRage, voted to keep it at sixteen (for then) for fear of alienating the public (and exposing their true agenda). (22)

Two years later, a letter published in the Daily Telegraph and signed by nine doctors headed by Lady McEwen, C.A.B. Johnston and Professor Gordon Stewart warned the government of the Physical dangers of unnatural sex. Two of the signatories had Islamic names, (23) and doubtless all Moslem doctors (along with the great majority of all other religions and none) shared the same sentiments. The signatories argued that by lowering the age of consent for homosexual acts the government would be failing in its duty to protect young boys. Unfortunately, the government and the homosexual lobby prevailed, and the age of consent for homosexual acts was indeed lowered.

Now, Tatchell in particular has come out of the closet. (24) This year he has published a paper calling for the age of consent to be lowered to fourteen for all sexual acts. (25) Two examples of his sophistry from this paper will suffice:

“Two 14 year olds who have a mutually agreed relationship risk maximum penalties ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment...”

By the same token, the maximum penalty for shoplifting is seven years imprisonment. Who in modern Britain has ever been sentenced to seven years for simple theft? (26)

One reason Tatchell advocates lowering the age of consent is to cure the sexual illiteracy of the young. Sex advice by teachers is said to be vague, euphemistic and even useless. “They never dare promote the obvious: oral sex and mutual masturbation as safer alternatives to intercourse”. This is a bit like promoting grievous bodily harm as a safer alternative to murder, but the duplicity of the Organised Homosexual Movement knows no bounds.

The doctors who signed the letter to the Daily Telegraph pointed out that teenagers often have (what they believe to be) homosexual desires of a transient nature.

Young boys in particular may be attracted to other boys and young men for reasons that have little or nothing to do with sex. Not all of us are equally endowed with good looks, fine physique, intelligence, personality, wealth, or even something as simple as dress sense. This may lead to envy, which can be easily confused with desire. With proper guidance or even with none, the vast majority of teenagers will come through this phase unscathed. (27) With improper guidance they may become convinced that they are really gay and should come out as such.

Because homosexuals can’t breed they must recruit in order to perpetuate their perversion, and the younger their victims are caught the better. Now that the age of consent for homosexual acts has been lowered to sixteen, Tatchell and his friends want it lowered to fourteen. If they get that they will demand it be lowered to twelve, then ten. The end result is that predatory homosexual paedophiles will have carte blanche to snatch young boys off the streets and do with them what they will with total impunity. This may sound hysterical, but there is a paedophile movement in this country and worldwide which would like to see exactly that. And it is an acknowledged fact that in Britain at least the paedophile movement has its roots firmly in the gay movement. (28)

During his campaign against homosexuality in pre-World War Two Edinburgh, William Merrilees was shocked at the number of young boys who had been ensnared by these perverts. In his aforementioned memoirs, he wrote: “I was astonished at the number of boys between the ages of fourteen and sixteen engaged in this unpleasant business, some of them were effeminates, but most of them were really male prostitutes.” (29) It should be borne in mind that at this time, and for three decades after, homosexuality was a criminal offence, yet this was apparently no serious deterrent to those who would wilfully corrupt the young.

It is important for everyone to realise that there is no such thing as gay youth; there are no homosexual teenagers. Even for those who succumb to their inner demons and experiment with or engage in homosexual practices there is hope. The young who stray from the straight and narrow can be reformed, the same way souls can be saved.

The Consequences Of Unnatural Sex

The word that springs to mind most readily in connection with the homosexual lifestyle is AIDS, but there is a plethora of other exotic and terrible diseases associated with it. While it is true that homosexuals do not have a monopoly on sexual diseases, the incidence of almost all diseases amongst them is horrifying. According to a 1983 study, in 1977 in New York City, 55% of primary, secondary and early latent syphilis cases were in homosexual males. (30) “The homosexual male is said to be at ten times greater risk of contracting syphilis than the heterosexual male.” (31) Homosexual men were said to be responsible for about half all reported cases of infectious syphilis in the United States. (32)

Contact with faecal matter - including ingesting it - greatly enhances all manner of other diseases besides those of a purely sexual nature, including the most severe forms of hepatitis. Physical damage is not only a real possibility but an inevitable consequence of anal intercourse, which may include inserting fingers, the entire hand and other objects into the orifice. (33)

No man or woman of ordinary intelligence who has a gramme of common sense or human decency could conclude other than that homosexuality is a curse, a blight and a bane on mankind, and that as far as possible this perversion should be eradicated, in particular that the young should be kept out of the clutches of its practitioners and advocates.

Other Homosexual Propaganda Techniques

We have already mentioned the mythical disease of homophobia. This smear word was coined as recently as 1967. (34) No one should ever be intimidated by epithets, although many people are, including powerful politicians. Eichel defines homophobia as a smear term used to intimidate those who oppose the agendas of homosexual activists. (35) These anti-homo activists have fought back with an epithet of their own: heterophobia, which Eichel says is “a term coined here to refer to those who have an irrational fear of, and hostility toward, heterosexuality”. (36) Another academic, Masters, makes the point that: “The cruelest form of injustice employed by the gay lobby is to accuse sensitive, decent people of bigotry, hatred, and ’homophobia’ for simply following their own moral consciences and seeing abnormal as abnormal”. (37)

This sentiment is echoed by an American journalist who wrote: “That word - homophobia - has always seemed a misnomer. Many people don’t fear the gay culture; they simply and unapologetically hate it. The idea of same-sex sex gives them the creeps.” (38) This is undoubtedly true, though the at times open intimidation of this lobby has coerced most of its opponents into silence, Islam being an honourable exception.

Another technique often used against homophobes is the innuendo that they themselves are repressed homosexuals who are driven by fear of being “outed” or of some other, more personal fear. This should be seen for exactly what it is, innuendo. One might just as well accuse proselytising Moslems of being repressed atheists. It is probably true that some homosexuals do cloak themselves in lies, but this is simply plain old hypocrisy, and should be seen as such.

Empathising with minorities in order to win reciprocal support for their perversion is another tactic, and one that has met with some success. In 1995, the Jewish Chronicle reported that the World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organisations had arranged a two day conference in which it was resolved that “the homosexual community should become involved in Holocaust education”. Present at this conference was no less a luminary than the historian (and Zionist apologist) David Cesarani. The International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors was said to have 65 members. (39) Devout Jews who died under the Nazi régime must be turning in their graves.

Bad Blood

Probably the sickest stunt ever pulled by the Organised Homosexual Movement was to attempt to interfere with blood donor screening. Reisman and Eichel report that gay activists did this as long ago as 1983 - AFTER the connection was made between AIDS and blood transfusions. It has been known since the early 1970s that hepatitis B is a blood-borne homosexually transmitted disease (40); time honoured common sense indicates that practising homosexuals should not donate blood. The idea that “discrimination” against gays is so terrible that people’s lives should be endangered for fear of causing them offence is not just shameful but wicked.

Ethnic Minorities Resist Brainwashing

The subversion of the media, schools, academia and even the government by the homosexual lobby has not happened overnight, and has not been total, thankfully. Just as alarming has been the infiltration of the churches. There is a great schism in the Christian church over this issue, it is divided roughly between those who have fallen for the propaganda of the Organised Homosexual Movement, and those who take a traditional stance which promises homosexuals fire and brimstone, and damnation for all eternity. There are also, to their credit, some Christian groups who work with homosexuals to try to weed them away from their perversion by the power of prayer and by adopting a spiritual approach to life. These operate mostly in the United States, and have received very little publicity.

The overwhelming majority of blacks, African or otherwise, have a healthy aversion to homosexuality. Black churches in particular have refused to bow to emotional blackmail, and hopefully will continue to do so. Attempts to indoctrinate ordinary blacks with the homosexual poison have been largely unsuccessful (41). In 1994, a gay pride rally in Brixton, London, resulted in at least twenty homosexuals being physically attacked, mostly by blacks. (42) [This is not of course to condone such physical attacks, but the widespread revulsion caused by the Organised Homosexual Movement’s “in your face” attitude is understandable].

Black members of the Anglican church have come out firmly against reform recognising the time honoured principle that in a compromise between good and evil, evil always wins. At the 1998 Lambeth Conference, Anglican bishops from Africa and Asia routed attempts by the brainwashed white liberals of the Western church to normalise homosexuality, and maintained that it should remain incompatible with Scripture.

Attempts by homosexuals to subvert the Jewish religion have met with mixed success; there have long been gay synagogues in the United States, but the Orthodox have largely resisted any attempts to pervert the word of God.

Islam & The Trojan Horse Of Gay “Rights”

The sole exception among the world’s great religions has been Islam. That modern marvel the Internet is awash with both homosexual pornography and homosexual proselytising, yet newsgroups for gay Moslems remain empty, and gay mosques remain unheard of - and hopefully always will. Having said that, this poison is nothing if not persistent; perhaps relishing the challenge, homosexuals from Islamic backgrounds are slowly beginning to organise. A well-funded gay “Islamic” group, the Al-Fatiha Foundation was established in the United States (where else?) some time ago. It appears to be mainly Internet-based, although it held its first international meeting in Boston in 1998. The thirty participants came from many countries including Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Unsurprisingly, Al-Fatiha is also active in Britain; it was reported to have joined the London gay Mardi Gras on July 6, 2002. When the current writer logged onto the Al-Fatiha website he found a personal forum where gay “Muslims” could advertise for “friends”, and links to other gay sites. One of these showed a logo captioned “Bad puppy” which depicted a dog with its snout up another dog’s anus, the latter with an expression of delight on its face. There was also a pop up link depicting a naked homosexual male who was obviously “hungry” for perverted sex. Such obscene imagery would not be tolerated in any mosque.

Al-Fatiha’s propaganda is similar to that used by homosexual groups that have infiltrated the Christian religion. It claims that homosexuals are being denied their dignity, that religious leaders are bigoted, that Islamic society is prejudiced, and that homosexual “Muslims” are stigmatised. Although it has attracted some support (what perversion hasn’t?) the cries of gay “Muslims” that they are oppressed will hopefully continue to fall largely on deaf ears.

AIDS & Africa

Although some Moslems have been lured into homosexual practices, the overwhelming majority reject them as either sinful (as of course they are) or as examples of Western decadence. It is a sad fact, but the latter charge is undoubtedly not entirely without substance; homosexuality can be found in all civilisations down the ages, but the spread of the homosexual lifestyle as an ideology is entirely a phenomenon of the modern world, and has been largely a white man’s disease. “Little brown boys” have long held an especial fascination for a certain type of white homosexual. In his diaries, the unrepentant homosexual libertine Joe Orton relates in graphic detail how on a visit to Tangier he raped a fifteen year old boy. (43) The phenomenon of “sex tourism”, which involves the abuse of both young boys and young girls, is also a staple of Western homosexuals and paedophiles.

In recent years, much concern has been expressed over the AIDS pandemic, particularly in Africa. While there is undoubtedly large scale infection of African populations, most of this is not related directly to homosexuality. Poor sanitation, poor concepts of health care, poverty, and other factors, have been largely responsible here. The truth about AIDS in Africa has also been greatly distorted by propaganda.

If someone dies from heart failure, cancer or some such in Central Africa, no one bats an eyelid, but if the death can be attributed to AIDS, there will be genuine concern - and funding.

The ubiquitous Peter Tatchell (44) has written that “Contrary to the mythology that Aids is a gay plague, the overwhelming majority of people with Aids are heterosexual, including as many women as men...Most of these Aids cases are in central Africa...In Africa it is estimated that 6% of the total population is now infected but in some countries it is much higher - 25% of the Malawi population, 23% of the Ugandan population...” (45) African academics rightly dispute this; (46) AIDS exists in the modern world primarily if not exclusively because of homosexual filth; Tatchell and his ilk are shown in their true colours when they try to scapegoat ethnic minorities for the poison their sinful practices have created and spread.

Endnote - Hope For The Damned

It should be noted that some, perhaps many, homosexuals realise they are spiritually sick. The Englishman Quentin Crisp was perhaps the most flamboyant homosexual who ever lived, but was himself opposed to gay rights and in favour of a world without homosexuals and homosexuality. A few years ago when there was much talk about a “gay gene”, he expressed support for the right of women to abort “homosexual foetuses” because “the world would be better without homosexuals”. (47)

At that time, Crisp, who was 88 years old, (48) had been celibate for half a century. He acknowledged that this view would enrage homosexual activists because “They are so angry about everything. I do know why they are angry, because they are unsatisfied...’ He added that he avoided them himself. (49) Another homosexual - and tortured soul - who clearly held similar views was Kenneth Halliwell who committed suicide thirty years previously after murdering his partner-in-sin. (50)

Both Halliwell and Crisp thought there was no hope, but in spite of the dirty trick nature played on him, Crisp had himself found an inner peace. As for all diseases of the spirit, homosexuality can be cured by a spiritual approach. (51) If the United States has been the major spawning ground for the homosexual lifestyle, a great spiritual movement also has its home there. This is the modern self-help group, the prototype for which is Alcoholics Anonymous.

The philosophy of such groups: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc, is based on the belief that their affliction is a spiritual illness, one that can be arrested but not cured. There is a saying that for alcoholics, the first drink is the one that must be avoided. The point being of course that there can be no second drink without the first.

This programme, while successful, is unnecessarily pessimistic, for it is the act of drinking to excess habitually that defines the alcoholic. A teetotal alcoholic is not an alcoholic at all. By the same token, a non-practising homosexual is not a homosexual. It can - and will - be argued that homosexuals are those who desire other men carnally, but one could make out a similar case for murderers. Is there any one of us who has not at some time desired to, wanted to or fantasised about killing someone, be it a personal enemy, an ideological enemy, or whatever? It would be absurd to brand a man a murderer simply because he desired to kill someone. (52)

Homosexuals cannot help having perverted desires any more than can alcoholics have cravings for alcohol, but such desires can be reduced or eliminated completely by training. The most obvious such technique is to avoid temptation: just as the compulsive gambler can steer clear of gaming establishments, and the drug addict can steer clear of known drug users and pushers, so too can the homosexual steer clear of those who engage in such practices, and avoid the temptations that will cross his path.

One does not have to be a Moslem, a Christian or have any religious affiliations to realise this. The Homosexual Lobby is extremely powerful, and its lying, deceitful and poisonous propaganda is reaching more and more into the minds of especially the young. It must be rooted out like the cancer it is, but it is not enough simply to condemn homosexuality.

According to homosexual activist Dennis Altman: “The willingness to have sex immediately, promiscuously, and with people about whom one knows nothing and from whom one demands only physical contact can be seen as a sort of Whitmanesque democracy, a desire to know and trust other men in a type of brotherhood.” (53)

However revolted they may be by their depraved and corrupt practices, Moslems must be willing to reach out to homosexuals and nascent homosexuals offering them a genuine alternative to this sick, twisted, demonic concept of the brotherhood of man. In his autobiography, the former black radical Malcolm X, who was once infused with a burning hatred of the white man, wrote movingly of his spiritual conversion to true Islam on making the Hajj: “In two weeks in the Holy Land, I saw what I never had seen in thirty-nine years here in America. I saw all races, all colors, - blue-eyed blonds to black-skinned Africans - in true brotherhood! In unity! Living as one! Worshiping as one!” (54)

This is where the true brotherhood of man lies, on the spiritual plane. One sophistry used by the Organised Homosexual Movement to subvert the Christian religion is that God loves all men, including homosexuals. This is true, but God loves thieves, adulterers and murderers too. Of course, this does not mean that dishonesty, adultery and murder are virtues. Even murderers can be redeemed, but not until they renounce their sins. Likewise homosexuals.

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