Notes And References

(1) This speech is not to be confused with my Internet sermon The Truth About Holocaust Denial. It does though contain some similarities, including the allusion to the Battle of Hastings.
(2) A reference to the poor turnout, but my main audience is, as ever, in cyberspace.
(3) These were originally uploaded in compressed PDF. Recently I uploaded them in regular PDF. For explanation and to download, click here.
(4) I distributed a copy of this article later. To download it, click here. I apologise for the poor quality of the scan, but it was the best I could obtain under the circumstances.
(5) A surprising number of people who should know better have fallen for the Tony Blair canard. He is said to have been caught cottaging in a public toilet by undercover detectives, charged and fined £500 by Bow Street Magistrates. The story was kept out of the media because he appeared in court under the name of Charles Lynton. Blair’s full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.
Although this particular story is false, in 1953 the actor Sir John Gielgud was arrested for importuning in a public toilet in West London. This was shortly after he was knighted. It appears that here an attempt was indeed made at a low level to hush it up, and in court he used a variant of his name, but his distinctive voice was recognised by a court reporter.
(6) Auschwitz in England: A Record of a Libel Action, by Mavis M. Hill and L. Norman Williams, Foreword by Lord Denning, published by Macgibbon & Kee, London, (1965), page 60.
(7) Bimko’s testimony can be found in file WO 235/13. This particular reference is to be found at page 137.
(8) This is the shirt I wore to the Tehran conference in December 2006, and although it is now literally falling to pieces, it has great sentimental value for me.
(9) I always allude to this as an experiment rather than a study; it is also the title of a book on the subject: Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, by James H. Jones.
(10) For further discussion of this nonsense see Holocaust Revisionism After Irving Versus Lipstadt
(11) Why Men Confess, by O. John Rogge, published by Da Capo Press, New York, (1975), pages 55-6.
(12) The last climbing boy fatality was 1875, see Climbing Boys: A STUDY OF SWEEPS’ APPRENTICES 1773-1875, by K.H. Strange, published by Allison & Busby, London, (1982), page 1.
(13) Although in my humble opinion the crimes of Jimmy Savile have been greatly exaggerated, he was clearly doing things he shouldn’t have been doing while others looked the other way. Undoubtedly others were too, albeit on a much smaller scale.
(14) Mike Newland was present at this meeting; he was the victim of an extremely serious and thoroughly planned attack in his own home early in 1994.

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