The Fraud Of Femicide

The femicide census is a UK report published by UK Femicides 2009-2018 runs to over 170 pages and contains some harrowing cases. And even more propaganda. The report uses two definitions for femicide: “killing of women because they are women” and “any killing of women or girls by men”. The downloadable PDF is searchable, so don’t worry about page numbers. That being said, pages 5-8 (file page numbers, not document page numbers) contain a list of what is said to be all the 1,425 women killed by men in the UK between 2009 and 2018. The word killed is used rather than murdered, and there are caveats regarding ongoing investigations, etc, but this is an enormous number. Or is it?

Without going into reams of official statistics, here is some information gleaned from the BBC. The year 2018 saw 774 homicides in the UK, with 650 people “killed” the following year. While one homicide is of course one too many, that is a sizeable drop. Now let’s do some arithmetic. In the last year of the ten year femicide census there were over half the total number of homicides for the entire ten years, which begs the question, who were the other victims?

We know too that in feminist eyes, women who kill men count only as victims. If you think that is an exaggeration, check out this article and this video.

The aforementioned list of victims is in alphabetical order of first name rather than surname. The wimmin who compiled it probably didn’t think they would be fact-checked. To go through every single name would be tiresome, but here are a few chosen at random and in no particular order.

Betty Constable was 79 years old. Her 52 year old “loving” son was charged with her murder. Like Sally Challen who bashed in her husband’s head with a hammer in a premeditated attack, he pleaded amnesia. However, unlike Challen he was a severe epileptic. He was tried at Lincoln Crown Court and found insane. Should a tragedy like this be listed as a femicide?

Aliza Mirza was just 17; if a girl of her age is a woman and a boy of the same age a man, she deserves to be on this list. She was stabbed to death by Yahya Gul in 2010. He was said to have been her boyfriend. Yeah, right.

In 2014, the 54 year old Carol Ruddy was strangled by her own son, but Martin Ruddy also murdered his father Eric. This was a double murder committed purely for financial motives. He staged the crime scene including self-inflicted injuries. He was convicted in July 2015. The murder of Carol Ruddy would be better charactised as matricide rather than femicide.

Chloe Miazek was just 20 years old when she met Mark Bruce. Although he was a stranger, she went back to his apartment and had sex with him. He strangled her during sex. She was said to have had an interest in “erotic sexual asphyxiation”. Bruce went straight to the police; he received a sentence of a mere six years. The victim’s father denied his daughter had any such interest, but at the risk of sounding like victim blaming, should a woman of that age or any age allow herself to be picked up by a total stranger?

Bruce was said to have used what has been called the rough sex defence which the sisterhood wants banned. Erotic sexual asphyxiation is a real thing; before reading any further, don’t try this at home, or anywhere else. Its practitioners do it because it is said to heighten sexual arousal and make orgasms more intense, but constricting someone’s breathing cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain which can result in all manner of horrible complications up to and including death. In 2010, the TV presenter Kristian Digby was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head. No one else was involved, and he had no reason to commit suicide. Digby was a homosexual, and these kinds of sexual “games” are par for the course in those circles.

Back to the list: the eighty year old Chloe Siokos was killed in a house fire thought to have been started by her husband, who was a mere sixty-nine. This appears to have been a murder-suicide. Argyios Siokos was said to have been delusional.

Catherine Wells-Burr was murdered by her lover Rafal Nowak, but, he had two co-conspirators, one of them his former girlfriend Anna Lagwinowicz, This was a sick crime carried out purely for financial gain.

Catherine Sandeman was the victim of a particularly brutal murder by her younger lover Lee Hopsdal in 2013. He was charged with murder but as can be seen from this report, he was away with the fairies.

Zohra Amrani was murdered by her son in February 2015. And so was her husband. Ashraf Amrani killed his parents while on bail for chasing a stranger armed with a knife. In June 2010, he was given a sentence of seven years, two months for rape. Shortly after the double murder, he saved the state the cost of a trial by throwing himself from a West London apartment block.

Rui Li was murdered by her bigamous husband Pierre Legris in 2014. The motive appears to have been purely financial. A male co-defendant was found guilty of lesser charges while Legris’ legal wife and his son were both acquitted of conspiracy to murder.

Zaneta Balazova was stabbed eighty times by Parvel Cina, which is overkill and then some. In May 2016, he was convicted only of manslaughter, or perhaps that should be womanslaughter? Whatever, he was another paranoid schizophrenic. After Cina’s conviction, his father blamed “legal highs” for turning his son into a killer.

Susan Meanwell’s husband was convicted of manslaughter for which he received a sentence of 15 months. She was said to have had learning difficulties, and he doesn’t appear to have been too bright either. She collapsed at home, and he appears to have dithered interminably before seeking aid for her. This case would be comical if it were not tragic.

In 2010, Susan Garwood was out walking her dog when she was stabbed 26 times by a total stranger. Robert Cusworth murdered her because he was “very angry”. He then telephoned the police and told them he had just killed a stranger. The murder was witnessed by a 9 year old boy who sensibly hid behind a bush. Clearly, a male or even a child victim would have sufficed. Cusworth pleaded guilty to murder.

Landlord Mehmet Ozen argued with his tenant Keyleigh Wright then stabbed her in the arm. Darren Harwood and Charlotte Piccaver went to her aid only for them both to be stabbed to death. Ozen was convicted of the two murders in December 2013.

Vina Patel was murdered by two men for purely financial reasons. The victim was a solicitor, as was the man behind the murder. John Cort and his hired hit-man were convicted of murder in May 2010.

Finally, Mary Ragobeer, Leah Reek and Viktorija Ijevleva are listed separately although they died together. In February 2018, three men decided to blow up a shop in an insurance scam. Five people were killed, the three women named above and two male victims, Mrs Ragobeer’s sons. Interestingly, Viktorija Ijevlev was said to have been aware of the plot, which is why she had to die.

What do we learn from all this? Primarily that the violence against women narrative is a lot more nuanced than the sisterhood would have us believe. The imbecile husband of Susan Meanwell doesn’t deserve to be here while three other deaths were caused by so-called mental illness. A full discussion of this chimera would take us too far afield (but see here); it will suffice to say that people suffering from delusions including schizophrenia can live productive lives as long as they are properly treated. It may soon be possible to cure schizophrenia without labotomising people.

An interesting fact is that many of the victims of these crimes have “non-white” names or were foreign-born, as were many of the perpetrators. Any mention of such “disproportionality” is likely to be branded racist by the intersectionality crowd, but on the other hand, pointing to men as the primary perpetrators is perfectly acceptable.

The reality is that the vast majority of violent crimes - violent with a capital V - are committed by males between the ages of about 15 and 45, and always have been, although there is good evidence, statistical as well as anecdotal, that women are becoming more violent. There is no simple solution to this, although a number of victims in this database would still be alive if the perpetrators had not been at liberty. Page 82 (document number) says 29 perpetrators had killed before, and there are two, possibly three, serial killers among them. As few as that? Twenty of the nine had killed women before; nine of them had killed men.

This raises the suggestion that too many murderers are being paroled too soon. Some are being paroled when they shouldn’t be, as the ongoing fight to keep Colin Pitchfork behind bars shows.

Page 127 blames the patriarchy (which doesn’t exist) for a number of premature deaths not included herein, and we are told that “It is known that women who enter custody are often survivors of male violence”, in other words if a woman commits a crime, ultimately a man is responsible.

Earlier, on page 27, the reader is told that “Women exploited in prostitution and the sex industry face intrinsic male violence...” Again, this is part of the feminist victim narrative. The reality is that prostitutes are just as capable of using violence against their clients and others as they are of being on the receiving end, if not more so. The most notorious such case was that of the American serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Prostitution is a career choice; women who enter it can make big money for little effort usually in a small window of time. Think of it the same way you think of certain sports, a career with big potential but a short lifespan.

The conclusions of the report are predictable, number one is more funding, including of course for the Femicide Census.

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