The Cosby Accusers In Brief

The allegations below have been collated from various on-line sources. The complainants are presented here in alphabetical rather than chronological order. Yes, McKee should technically come before Masten! We need not concern ourselves with the Lachele Covington incident (or non-incident) as far as these for the most part gravely serious allegations are concerned, but the one that started the ball rolling was the complaint filed by Andrea Constand in 2005. Once this allegation found its way into the public domain - as was inevitable - a familiar process was set in motion. One person reports seeing a flying saucer, and suddenly its Independence Day.

This first wave fizzled out, but for some reason, in October 2014, a joke by the comedian Hannibal Buress went viral, and the original allegations reappeared with a vengeance, women crawled out of the woodwork to accuse Cosby of unspeakable acts, some crawled out of the gutter, and one or two out of the sewer.

As the number of accusers has increased, even most of the media skeptics have bowed to the fallacious premise that there can be no fire with this much smoke. The truth though is that most of these allegations are comical, but that is no bar to either the gullible or the greedy. In the UK, the late Jimmy Savile has now been accused of sexually assaulting literally hundreds of girls, women, and a few boys. These claims are parroted uncritically as the lawyers - one firm in particular - have set about dismantling both his legacy and his estate, the latter - ostensibly - to compensate his victims. The overwhelming majority of the claims made against Savile can be neither proved nor disproved, but a fair number have been shown to be false or just plain ridiculous, including the original Duncroft allegations.

Just as we need not credit the claims that Savile was a dedicated sexual predator, likewise we need not credit any of the more outrageous claims against Cosby. Those who insist otherwise simply do not understand human nature, in particular its venality, its capacity for self-deception, or what Charles Mackay called the madness of crowds.

There is though one delusional female who deserves a special mention here, that is Gloria Allred. Although known as a feminist lawyer, Allred is also a rape victim. She was raped at gunpoint in 1966 while holidaying in Acapulco. She has claimed she never reported the rape because the perpetrator was a doctor, and she thought no one would believe her. We have only her word this rape happened, and in view of some of the dubious victims she has paraded before the camera in this case, it is tempting to believe it was actually a consensual encounter - one which resulted in her having an illegal abortion. We should though give the lady more credit than that, and her bouncing back from not one but two life-shattering experiences gives the lie to much of the specious feminist narrative that rape is the worst possible thing that can happen to any woman and inevitably destroys lives.

We can also see why she has been going after Cosby with such venom; this is not a race thing as some people have claimed, it is personal. Allred was raped by a powerful man, a doctor, who if he did not destroy her life certainly altered its course drastically. And she nearly died from her abortion. Many rape victims are said to exhibit guilt and shame; why this is so, remains to be seen, few women, or men, exhibit guilt and shame for being stabbed, shot or otherwise injured by all manner of assaults, unless there is a specific reason why they should. This could be the case with Miss Allred though, and it does not take a psychiatrist to see why. Perhaps she didnít resist him enough, after all, unless an armed perpetrator ties up the victim or otherwise immobilises her, he has to put the gun down at some point to carry out the rape. Perhaps she could have seized it and stopped him? Perhaps she could have cried out? She didnít report him because she was a foreigner and felt she would not be believed. Now she wants justice (and a hundred million dollars) for all those other vulnerable women who have been abused, degraded and had their lives ruined by this powerful man - Cosby, this untouchable doctor, Heathcliffe Huxtable, who is, unbelievably, an obstetrician, a man who routinely puts his filthy rapist hands on womenís vaginas. How dare he? How dare you, Bill Cosby?!

Alas, she is wrong on both counts. The women who are accusing Cosby are largely societyís losers, even Janice Dickinson, one-time supermodel has a train wreck of a personal life: substance abuse, serial marriage, bankruptcy. Cosby did not cause that; he did not cause the overt madness of Beth Ferrier or the admitted madness of Joan Tarshis. As for rape being a fate worse than death, any bad experience can destroy us, but only if we allow it; the freak show Miss Allred has exhibited to the world, women weeping into their handkerchieves on cue, has nothing to do with rape, at least not their rape at the hands of Bill Cosby, but it does have a lot to do with her own experience nearly half a century ago. Does she believe them? Letís put it this way, if she had exhibited the slightest critical faculty, she would have researched their backgrounds, and politely shown all or most of them the door. Gloria Allred may not be a conscious player in this ad hoc conspiracy, but like most indeed all of the mainstream media, she is wilfully blind.

Name: Jewel Allison
Date: November 2014
Allegation: In the late 1980s, Cosby invited her to his home, drugged and sexually assaulted her. Allison says he may be the greatest serial rapist who was never brought to book. Obviously she hasnít heard of Jimmy Savile.
Evidence: Believe the victim.

Name: Barbara Bowman
Date: In October 2014, Bowman gave - or more likely sold - a story to the London Daily Mail
Allegation: Drugged and rape. Bowman says she met Cosby in 1985, and first accused him in 1987 but was not believed.
Evidence: There is no paper trail, although in 1986, Bowman brought a civil action against her former landlord. She won. It takes a certain amount of determination to bring a case in the civil courts in which the plaintiff must argue her own case. This begs the question if she could sue over a financial/property dispute, why couldnít she report a rape in which the state would have done all the work?

Name: Linda Brown
Date: February 12, 2015
Allegation: Drugged and rape in 1969!
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Andrea Constand
Date: January 13, 2005
Allegation: Cosby drugged, groped and raped her in January 2004.
Evidence: Obviously none. Check out this video for an explanation of what probably happened.

Name: Lachele Covington
Date: March 2, 2000
Allegation: Indecent assault or attempted indecent assault.
Evidence: The above date is when the story broke. Cosby invited her to dinner in January 2000 and came on to her. She turned him down flat then reported him, but the district attorney decided no crime had been committed. Although Cosby has denied this allegation, letís give the lady credit because most genuine victims file their reports promptly. This incident paints a true picture of Cosby, as a lecher but not a rapist. Note too how the tale has grown in the retelling, even though this was barely a month later. Now imagine how a similar story can grow over years and decades.

Name: Janice Dickinson
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Says Cosby drugged and raped her in 1984.
Evidence: One legal pundit has called Dickinson a publicity whore. Some might suggest he neednít use two words when one would suffice. Dickinsonís former manager Don Gibble says she is simply lying. Gibble had managed Beverly Johnson, and says the same thing about her. Whether you like or hate Dickinson, one thing that cannot be denied is that she has both a big mouth and a forceful personality. Since her first allegation, she has been one of Cosbyís most vocal detractors. This begs the question, if Cosby had really drugged and raped her in 1982, would she have taken it lying down? While it is possible that Dickinson believes now that Cosby drugged her drink, the available evidence suggests that Miss Dickinson is perfectly capable of doing that herself; in 2009 she mixed drink and drugs on a TV programme which resulted in her falling down the stairs.

Name: Joyce Emmons
Date: November 2014.
Allegation: Cosby drugged and raped her in 1979 or 1980.
Evidence: Another member of the November contingent, her testimony is every bit as convincing.

Name: Beth Ferrier
Date: June 23, 2005
Allegation: Claims she was drugged and raped by Cosby in 1984.
Evidence: You want evidence? Ferrier said in one interview that Cosby was more powerful than God. Which begs the question, from which booby hatch did this victim escape?

Name: Carla Ferrigno
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Cosby plied her with drinks and tried to forcibly kiss her in 1967.
Evidence: Believe the victim. This non-story is nowhere near as implausible as most of the others; it was reported by the London Daily Mail as an exclusive, for which Mrs Ferrigno was presumably paid. It is of course by no means unusual for reports of this nature to be spiced up, although the blandness of it indicates that it is substantially true. But so what?

Name: Chloe Goins
Date: December 15, 2014
Allegation: Drugged and presumably raped at the Playboy Mansion, August 9, 2008.
Evidence: Goins says she went to a party which was attended by hundreds of people, most of whom paid a hefty premium for their tickets. To date there appears to be not one photograph of Goins at the party, and as Cosby was in New York at the time, there is none of him there either! Three years later, Miss Goins was arrested in Las Vegas for soliciting.

Name: Tamara Green
Date: February 10, 2005
Allegation: According to Green, she was an aspiring model in the 1970s when she was drugged and groped if not raped by Cosby, who left her two hundred dollars for her trouble. Green made her allegation on a TV programme after Andrea Constandís lawsuit became news.
Evidence: Believe me, Iím a lawyer! Cosby denies ever having heard of or met Green, and as the lady has both mental health issues and sticky fingers, like most of these suddenly empowered women, her credibility is somewhere between zero and minus one.

Name: Helen Gumpel
Date: February 8, 2015
Allegation: Cosby made sexual advances towards her in 1987.
Evidence: Believe me.

Name: Helen Hayes
Date: December 3, 2014:
Allegation: Cosby indecently assaulted her by grabbing her breast in 1973 when she was a teenager.
Evidence: Hayes has given a specific venue for this alleged assault, the Clint Eastwood Celebrity Tennis Tournament which was held at Pebble Beach, California from July 6-8. She has given a specific date, Saturday, July 7. Her claims do not have the ring of truth. For one thing, she says Cosby followed her and her friends around all day, and that they had changed restaurants several times to avoid him. When he grabbed her breast she did not cry out, as she might well have done had this incident really happened, but not only that, this was in a restaurant. A black man indecently assaulting a white teen in front of witnesses in 1973, and a famous one at that? Yet no one saw it, much less reported it.

Name: Renita Hill
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Drugged and probably raped by Cosby. Hill worked with Cosby, who paid her college tuition. She claims to have had an affair with him as well as to have been drugged and probably raped.
Evidence: She knew Cosby. And? As Hill was underage for much of this time, allegations of sexual abuse raised contemporaneously would have been extremely serious. Why were they not, if what she claims is true?

Name: Michelle Hurd
Date: November 2014.
Allegation: Cosby felt her up in his dressing room using a thinly veiled pretext.
Evidence: She said/he said. Miss Hurd claims to have avoided the worst due to womenís intuition or something of that nature.

Name: Judith Huth
Date: December 2, 2014
Allegation: Judith (Judy) Huth claims Cosby took her to the Playboy Mansion ďin or about 1974Ē when she was 15 years old, plied her with alcohol and sexually assaulted her.
Evidence: Huff is ďpsychologically damagedĒ. Which begs the question, did she suffer damage on account of Cosby, or did she accuse Cosby because she is psychologically damaged?

Name: Beverly Johnson
Date: December 2014
Allegation: Johnson jumped on the bandwagon with an article in that monthís edition of Vanity Fair magazine.
Evidence: Two men close to Johnson - her former lover and her former manager Don Gibble - claim she is simply lying. Before the Hannibal Buress Cosby joke went viral, Johnson had never said a bad word about Cosby in public, indeed she had once been a friend. With friends like her, does Cosby really need enemies?

Name: Lisa Jones
Date: December 1, 2014
Allegation: In 1986, Lisa Jones was another aspiring actress/model who was the victim of an, in this case attempted, sexual assault, when the 17 year old declined to submit to his casting couch routine.
Evidence: Words.

Name: Kacey
Date: January 7, 2015
Allegation: Cosby gave her a large white pill and raped her.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape, even anonymous ones.

Name: Linda Kirkpatrick
Date: January 7, 2015
Allegation: Drugged and sexually assaulted.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Cindra Ladd
Date: January 26, 2015
Allegation: Drugged and presumably raped circa 1969.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Chelan Lasha
Date: December 3. 2014
Allegation: Claims Cosby gave her a blue pill because she was suffering from a cold. She was then presumably raped. This is said to have happened in 1986 when Lasha was only 17.
Evidence: Along with Beth Ferrier and Helen Hayes, Miss Lasha was one of three women who appeared along with attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference where her allegations were made public. Although she cried on cue for the camera, Miss Lasha has convictions for both prostitution and false reporting. A double whammy!

Name: Angela Leslie
Date: November 21, 2014
Allegation: Cosby lured her to his hotel room in 1992 where apparently he attempted to drug her then made her perform a sex act on his while he sat naked in bed. When he didnít get what he wanted, he threw her out.
Evidence: Evidence?

Name: Lisa
Date: December 19, 2014
Allegation: This accuser - who is not to be confused with Lisa Jones - claims she was drugged and apparently raped by Cosby.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Lise-Lotte Lublin
Date: February 12, 2015
Allegation: Drugged and presumably raped.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: PJ Masten
Date: December 5, 2014
Allegation: Drugged and raped by Cosby. Masten claimed to know of a dozen other victims but said she didnít come forward until she heard about Judith Huth - a 15 year old girl is a child. Former bunny girl Masten had previously accused a sports broadcaster of sexual impropriety after another woman had accused him. Masten has been in therapy for years, which is probably where these claims came from. If too she has been talking to other self-styled victims, what does that say about one of the most parroted claims in this case, that there can be no conspiracy because none of them know each other?
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Katherine McKee
Date: December 22, 2014
Allegation: Forcibly raped sometime in the 1970s.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Louisa Moritz
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Cosby forced her to perform oral sex in 1971.
Evidence: Miss Moritz was one of the accusers foolish enough to give a specific date and location for this alleged assault. She was there, but Cosby was not.

Name: Donna Motsinger
Date: November 2014
Allegation: On November 26, 2014, Motsinger gave an interview to the New York Post in which she said she was a Jane Doe in the Constand civil case. She says Cosby raped her in 1971; at that time she was working as a waitress.
Evidence: You want evidence? Shame on you!

Name: Lynn Neal
Date: January 7, 2015
Allegation: Drugged and raped at some unspecified date.
Evidence: Women never lie about rape.

Name: Kristina Ruehli
Date: She went public on November 21, 2014 but was also a Jane Doe in the 2005 civil case.
Allegation: Cosby drugged and attempted to orally rape her in 1965!
Evidence: Jay Raskin has examined her claims and found them unconvincing.

Name: Therese Serignese
Date: November 20, 2014, although she was also a Jane Doe in the Constand lawsuit.
Allegation: Serignese claims she had a consensual sexual relationship with Cosby in 1976, but he drugged and raped her anyway. And she went back for more.
Evidence: Believe the victim, what are you, a rape apologist or something?

Name: Jena T
Date: November 25, 2014 but she was also a Jane Doe or perhaps that should be Jane Ho as she says Cosby gave her $700.
Allegation: She met Cosby in 1988 and he pressured her into sex.
Evidence: Of what, installing her in an apartment and giving her a walk-on part in The Cosby Show? She says too that Cosby encouraged her to see a psychiatrist because he believed she was mentally disturbed (she didnít use those words but you should feel free to).

Name: Joan Tarshis
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Cosby forced her to perform oral sex on him in 1969.
Evidence: Jay Raskin has investigated her claims, and concluded they are refuted by chronology. It may be that in spite of this she genuinely believes she was drugged and raped by Cosby because she has serious mental health issues which include bizarre hallucinations.

Name: Linda Traitz
Date: November 18, 2014
Allegation: Traitz claimed a big story in the cyber version of the London Daily Mail on the above date. Therein she says Cosby tried to indecently assault or rape her in 1969 when she was 19. Her story is truly bizarre. She says he had a briefcase full of pills, and tried to induce her to take one. She declined. In view of her track record, Traitz is more likely to have attempted to supply Cosby with drugs than vice versa.
Evidence: Forty-five year old confabulated memories and/or outright lies.

Name: Victoria Valentino
Date: November 2014
Allegation: Yet another of the November contingent, Miss Valentino claims Cosby raped her in 1970 after first trying to rape her friend at an undisclosed location. He gave her two pills which she took, then after having his way with her, he told her to call a cab when she asked how they were going to get home.
Evidence: You want evidence in view of all these other allegations?

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