Gerry Gable Recants


Hello goys and girls; my name is Gerry Gable. In case you’ve never heard of me, I used to be...


A wild-eyed Jew.


But I’ve mellowed in my old age, thanks mostly to my lovely wife Sonia.


Hello goys and girls, I’m Sonia Gable, Gerry’s lovely wife.


For years, indeed for decades I have run a hate campaign against any form of white nationalism in the UK and elsewere. Except Zionism, of course. Recently though I’ve begun to have second thoughts. The main reason for this was Britain’s burgeoning Islamic population, but then I read this article from a September 1987 issue of The Economist.


I’ve seen this sort of thing before, of course, but for the first time ever it struck me like a revealed truth. There is a big debate going on in Singapore about population and immigration at the moment. Many Singaporeans worry that within a few years they will be in a minority in their own country. Some even say they will be phased out, exterminated from the face of the Earth. As a Jew, I thought instantly of the Final Solution, then I thought of The Fourteen Words. I shuddered as I did so, because this is nothing but Nazi race hate stuff. Then I thought again, is it?


When push comes to shove, what is the difference on the one hand between someone like that wicked Harold Covington saying “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children” and the people of a small crowded island saying in effect “Singapore for the Singaporeans”, and how is this so different from the attempts of us Jews to preserve our own inheritance through Jewish Continuity?


Then I thought again, if it is good for Jews and Singaporeans, why should it not be good for white men? Is it really hate for a people to want to preserve, conserve and advance the interests of their own race? Could it be that we Jews have been partly at fault through our promotion of race-mixing? Or perhaps the tragic history of Jew-Gentile relations has all been based on a terrible mistake? If I as a Jew seek, demand to preserve my own race and culture, how can I excoriate others for doing the same?


I have thought long and hard about what is to be done; I thought especially hard yesterday, March 31, 2013, which as you will know was Easter Sunday. I used to blame anti-Semitism on Easter, you know, the Crucifixion and all that, but that was two thousand years ago, the world has moved on; we can’t blame classical anti-Semitism for the hatred of the Islamic world. As I said, I have thought long and hard about this, and today I have come to a definitive conclusion. From now on, although Searchlight will still campaign against fascism and all forms of state oppression, the magazine will also promote racial integrity for all. To that end, we are publishing a special edition devoted to The 14 Words with particular emphasis on the survival of the White Race in North America. Here is the front cover of the next issue.


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