Notes And References


(1) The full credits are THE PROTOCOLS: FACT OR FALLACY? Was this famous document genuine or a forgery? More to the point, does it describe what is actually happening? SIMON SMITH compares old predictions with modern facts, published in Spearhead, October 1992, issue 284, pages 9-12.
(2) To the best of my knowledge, the latest edition of the Protocols to be published in Britain was the 1978 B.P. Publications edition. Its full credits are THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION WITH PREFACE AND EXPLANATORY NOTES, Translated from the Russian Text by VICTOR E. MARSDEN Formerly Russian Correspondent of “The Morning Post”, published by British Patriot Publications, Shotton, Clwyd, (1978). This is a 128 page edition which includes a lengthy history from a pro-Protocols perspective, of the document and some of its precursors. This is an excellent introduction, but having been published initially by credulous true believers it is far from sufficient.
(3) Transliteration varies as do many Russian names, eg Serge, Sergey.
(4) WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967), page 67. (Again, transliteration varies).
(5) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 67, (ibid).
(6) It is a moot point if it is more grammatically correct to write “the Protocols were” rather than “the Protocols was”.
(7) Or Znamia.
(8) Or Pavolachi Krushevan.
(9) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 108, (op cit).
(10) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 65, (ibid). In his study An Appraisal of the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, (page 20), the American historian John Curtiss gives the dates of their publication in Znamya as August 28-7 Sept 1903. This is a typo.
(11) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 66, (ibid).
(12) An Appraisal of the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, by John S. Curtiss, published by Columbia University Press, New York, (1942), page 3. This claim was apparently made by a French editor of the Protocols, Roger Lambelin.
(13) I say apparently because I cannot vouch for this, although I’m sure I read it somewhere.
(14) The British Library was created by a 1972 Act of Parliament; it succeeded the British Museum Library.
(15) THE RUSSIAN JEW UNDER TSARS AND SOVIETS, by Salo W. Baron, published by Macmillan, New York, (1964), page 74. Salo Wittmayer Baron was a distinguished historian, and author of, among other things, the massive, eighteen volume A SOCIAL And RELIGIOUS HISTORY Of The JEWS.
(16) Technically, at any rate, for although this first British edition of the Protocols bore the imprint of Eyre & Spottiswoode, it was actually printed as a private order.
(17) Boris Brasol (or Boris L’vovich Brazol) was an eclectic, peculiar character to say the least. Among his other talents he was Vice-President of the Edgar Allen Poe Society.
(18) Henry Ford and the Jews, by Albert Lee, published by Stein and Day, New York, (1980), page 26.
(19) See entry for ELDERS OF ZION, PROTOCOLS OF, (pages 46-60), published in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 4, 1941, page 57. According to another source, (Pool & Pool, Who Financed Hitler, page 113), he didn’t arrive in the United States until 1917.
(20) ELDERS OF ZION, PROTOCOLS OF, page 56, (ibid).
(22) This does not mean of course that no one else had ever published anti-Semitica in Britain, but certainly no one prior to Beamish had thrown themselves into the task with such enthusiasm.
(23) This information is extracted from Colonial Careers for Marginal Fascists - A Portrait of Hamilton Beamish, by Barry A. Kosmin, published in the Wiener Library Bulletin 1973/74, Vol. XXVII, New Series Nos. 30/31, pages 16-23.
(24) Political Anti-Semitism in England 1918-1939, by Gisela C. Lebzelter, published by Macmillan Press, London, (1978), pages 49 & 186.
(25) Even many organisations which are smeared routinely as anti-Semitic contain a majority of members who have little or no interest in Jews, as one soon discovers when one interviews members of the British National Party.
(26) This appeared under the imprint of the Judaic Publishing Company, the original name of the publishing arm of the Britons. See Anti-Semitism in British Society 1876-1939, by Colin Holmes, published by Edward Arnold, 1979, pages 156-7.
(27) According to Richard Thurlow in FASCISM IN BRITAIN A History, 1918-1985, (page 69), Clarke was chief consulting physician to the London Homeopathic Hospital, and Chairman of the Britons from 1918-31. As we have seen, the Britons was actually founded in 1919, but Clarke was certainly a leading light in the organisation until his death, and just as certainly, this small, insignificant society wielded no political influence at all, for the obvious reason that its “philosophy” was gaga.
(28) According to his obituary in the Times for November 26, 1931, page 16, Dr J.H. Clarke, who died two days earlier aged 79, was “a well-known and highly respected homoeopathic physician”. He was described as a prolific writer (on medical matters). No mention was made of his membership of the Britons. The Times of January 15, 1932, page 15, reported that Clarke left £5,215 (£4,328 net) in his will. At this time, the Times was 4d including postage.
(29) In 1977, when M.S. Vashishta & R.P. Singh, published CAMEL DISEASES IN INDIA, they reported in the Preface that “No book on diseases of camels in India appeared after the year 1927...” Leese’s standard text was privately published in that year (in England) and was glowingly reviewed in the Veterinary Journal of February 1928. Leese’s later, political, publications, were not so well received, and in 1936 he ended up in the dock charged with, among other things, seditious libel.
(30) Lebzelter, Political Anti-Semitism, page 21, (op cit).
(31) The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 4, page 58, reports that Shanks was private secretary to Sir Philip Sassoon, among other things, and that he was halachically Jewish. The sources cited were obviously dubious, and the tone of the contributor is skeptical.
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(36) From the PREFATORY NOTE.
(37) Jewish Chronicle, October 16, 1936, page 16. This was after the passage of the Nuremberg Laws, be it noted.
(38) The Calmycs are not Jews; this is a well-worn piece of anti-Semitica. See the section on CANARDS in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, (1941), Volume 3, pages 1-10. According to this article, page 7, the “Kalmucks” were a Mongolian tribe.
(39) In this connection the reader is referred to the not entirely serious exposé Is There Intelligent Life On Earth? Inside the Whacky World of the Aetherius Society, by Alexander Baron DTP., WP., PQB45., Metropolitan Exposer of Terrestrial Wind Ups, published by ITMA, London, (1992).
(40) For the lowdown on the quack religious cult of Scientology, see Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story Of L. Ron Hubbard, by Russell Miller, published by Joseph, (1977).
(41) The Tragedy of False Memories, by Martin Gardner, published in the Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1994, pages 464-70.
(42) It is difficult to appreciate nowadays just how seriously this Jewish conspiracy crap was taken. On page 144 of the first US edition of the Protocols, the following quote is attributed to Rabbi Stephen Wise: “‘The conspiracy,’ if there is one, is among those of Jewish birth who are or seemed ashamed of their origin. They follow false gods or none at all, and among them will be those who may seize power for their own ends.” [Citing an article from the New York Tribune, March 2, 1920: “JEWISH PLOT” ONLY AMONG APOSTATES, SAYS DR. WISE... This address was made March 1, 1920 at Carnegie Hall.]
(43) Lee, Henry Ford and the Jews, (op cit), page 27.
(44) See for example the excellent study In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult, by Robert D. Hicks, published by Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York, (1991).
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(46) This was the Hungarian Jewess, feminist and pacifist, Madame Schwimmer.
(47) As well as Cameron, Boris Brasol and a character called Cherep-Spiridovich were also employed by Ford. We will meet Cherep-Spiridovich shortly.
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(50) Colin Holmes and Richard Thurlow are exemplary contemporary examples of this.
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(53) It referred to him as F.G. Liebold rather than as Ernest.
(54) Articles from the Dearborn Independent were later published in book form as The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. There are various editions, including abridged editions. It is still in print today.
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(56) For the background to Ford and Hitler, the reader is referred to Antony Sutton’s Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler and to the 1979 study Who Financed Hitler, (op cit).
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(68) HENRY FORD AGAIN Alleged Backing of Jew-Baiters, published in the London Jewish Chronicle, September 6, 1940, page 9, reported that Ford was still active in the anti-Jewish campaign. He was said to have claimed that even if the Protocols were a fake, they were true in essence.
(69) Jewish Chronicle, January 16, 1942, page 1.
(70) FORMER ANTI-SEMITE RECANTS, published in the Jewish Chronicle, March 6, 1942, page 9.
(71) Dilling’s book is listed by Robert Singerman as published in 1953; see ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, by Robert Singerman, (page 215), published by Garland, (1982). Dilling’s book is apparently self-published; Singerman lists it as a three volume work; the copy I found (in the Wiener Library sans ISBN and credits), was a large format book, (a single volume). This is among the wilder, crankier anti-Semitic stuff; Dilling was obviously a woman after Henry Ford’s own heart, and more of a mystic than a Jew-hater.
(72) Lee, Henry Ford And The Jews, page 94, (op cit), also claims that Ford donated $5,000 to Dilling on one occasion.
(73) To spend on propaganda and armaments, but not on hospitals and housing.
(74) Pool & Pool, Who Financed Hitler, page 90, (op cit).
(75) Rockwell analyses the Protocols in his book White Power, which was published in August 1967. On page 243 he says they were published in 1905, and on page 245 he claims they were deposited in the British Museum “before 1900”. [I am citing here from the September 1977 edition, (publisher uncredited)].
(76) In his autobiography, Rockwell claimed to have been told by the director of admissions that he had the highest IQ of all the students who had ever been tested for Brown University. [This Time The World, by George Lincoln Rockwell, published by White Power Publications, Liverpool W. Va., Third Edition, (January 1979), page 32].
(77) THE CAUSE OF WORLD UNREST. A Study in Revolution., published in The Morning Post, July 10, 1920, page 6, introductory paragraph.
(78) THE CAUSE OF WORLD UNREST, (by the Staff of the Morning Post), introduction by H.A. Gwynne, published by Grant Richards, London, (1920). This has a different format from the newspaper articles.
(79) The leader of the eponymous Stern Gang which started the terror campaign against the British in Palestine while British soldiers were busy saving the Jews of Europe from the gas chambers. Stern advocated an alliance with Nazi Germany against the British! He got his just deserts when he was cornered and killed by the British in February 1942. After his death, the Stern Gang was renamed LEHI and headed by Yitzhak Shamir, who later went on to become Prime Minister of Israel like that other Zionist butcher and mass murderer Menachem Begin.
(80) The Zionist Peril was published in the October 1904 issue of The Jewish Quarterly Review.
(81) Now simply the Guardian.
(82) A long published, London-based, weekly magazine.
(83) Respectively, the full credits are The Jewish Bogey AND THE FORGED PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, published by the Press Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies, London, (1920); and THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH MENACE IN WORLD AFFAIRS or THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FORGED PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, by Lucien Wolf, published by Macmillan, New York, (1921).
I am working here from the above booklets. In the PREFATORY NOTE, Wolf says that these articles “have been carefully revised, much amplified, and largely rewritten in order to make a connected argument and avoid repetition.”
(84) Wolf, The Jewish Bogey, page 23, (ibid).
(85) The same cannot necessarily be said for Bendor Samuel, but his analysis bears none of the hallmarks of the hysteria which Christian condemnation of anti-Semitism bears nowadays. The Reverend Elijah Bendor Samuel was Assistant Director of The Mildmay Mission to the Jews 1907-32, and Director of the Hebrew Christian Testimony To Israel. He edited The Scattered Nation, (the Hebrew Christian Testimony’s quarterly journal) from 1933 until January 1951. He died December 31, 1956. [Personal correspondence with the Messianic Testimony.]
(86) An Examination of the Book called “The Jewish Peril,” or “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” A paper read before the Prophecy Investigation Society, April, 1921, by the Rev. E. Bendor Samuel, published by Chas. J. Thynne, London, (August 1921). This is a 24 page pamphlet. The reference to Hans Schliepmann can be found on pages 19-20.
(87) Bernstein, a distinguished diplomat, author and journalist, was born in Russia in 1876. He founded a Yiddish newspaper, edited the American Hebrew for two and a half years, and also served as a war correspondent. He died in 1935.
(88) Lee, Henry Ford And The Jews, page 145, (op cit). Ford actually made this claim sometime before but it wasn’t until Bernstein published his book that Ford was foolish enough to name him.
(89) Lee, Henry Ford And The Jews, pages 83-4, (ibid).
(90) I have been unable to locate the original edition; however, a copy of the 1928 edition is kept in the Jewish Studies Library at University College London in the Mocatta boxed pamphlets series. Its full credits are THE HISTORY OF A LIE “The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” A STUDY BY HERMAN BERNSTEIN, published by J.S. Ogilvie, New York, (1928).
(91) The Graves articles were subsequently reprinted as a 24 page pamphlet: The Truth About “The Protocols” A LITERARY FORGERY, published by Printing House Square, London, (1921).
(93) Cohn gives these dates for M. Joly; (the lawyer’s photograph is so captioned, however, on page 73, he says Joly committed suicide in 1879). According to Bernstein in his 1935 study (of which more very shortly), Joly was born in 1831 at Lons-le-Saunier.
(94) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 73, (op cit). Joly was arrested April 25, 1865; the book was banned.
(95) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 73, (ibid). Joly published his autobiography, in 1870.
(96) The Truth About “The Protocols of Zion”: A Complete Exposure, by Herman Bernstein, published by Covici Friede, New York, (1935).
(97) I haven’t seen this but according to The National Union Catalog 1968-1972 (Volume 9, page 516), it was published by Ktav Publishing House, New York, (1972). Cohn’s book was also published in paperback by Penguin in 1970.
(98) THE PROTOCOLS of the ELDERS OF ZION: The Greatest Lie in History, by Benjamin W. Segel, Translated from the German by Sascha Czazckes-Charles, WITH TEN LETTERS OF ENDORSEMENT FROM EMINENT GERMAN NON-JEWISH SCHOLARS, published by Block Publishing Co, New York, (1934).
(99) For the benefit of the totally uninitiated, Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) was the founding father of political Zionism. It is sometimes claimed that Herzl read the Protocols at the first World Zionist Congress in 1897. This is obviously rubbish because the Congress was held in public and in any case, Herzl was totally assimilated; as shown here, in the early stages, the Protocols were always interpreted in a religious, often mystical, context.
(100) Curtiss, An Appraisal..., (op cit).
(101) For example, on page 22, Curtiss points out that the Headquarters of the Zionist Organisation was in Vienna until 1904 (the death of Herzl), rather than Paris, where it had been claimed by Nilus that the Protocols were originally stolen from.
(102) Curtiss, An Appraisal..., page 33, (ibid). On page 36, Curtiss points out that the World Zionist Congress of August 1897 was held in public, (see last footnote in previous paragraph).
(103) Curtiss, An Appraisal..., page 37, (ibid). Persistent anti-Semites (or idiots) might argue that Jews are/were doing both, but they could hardly argue that the two groups were working hand in hand.
(104) Butmi was a contemporary of Nilus and was cast from the same mould; his version of the Protocols has 27 rather than 24 protocols. It was his version (truncated) which appeared in Znamya. According to one source, [ELDERS OF ZION, PROTOCOLS OF, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 4, pages 52 & 54, (op cit)], George V. Butmi (de Katzman) was an ex-lieutenant in the Imperial Guard and a member of the Black Hundreds, a notorious Russian anti-Semitic group.
(105) Curtiss, An Appraisal..., page 29, (op cit).
(106) THE TWENTIETH CENTURY HOAX, by Comm. J.S. Drummond, published London, Panorama Press, (1961), page 28. Needless to say, this book is not to be confused with the scholarly Hoax Of The Twentieth Century.
(107) Drummond, The Twentieth Century Hoax, page 29, (ibid).
(108) According to the British Library Retrospective Catalogue, Drummond is actually the pseudonym of Joseph Syndica, Count di Torriggia.
(109) If he existed, Robin Hood probably lived around the 13th Century. Maid Marian was tacked onto the Robin Hood legend around the 16th Century. There are other distortions also. See for example Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, Vol VIII, published by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., London, (1983), pages 615-6.
(110) Erich von Däniken’s theories have now been totally discredited, as has the man himself.
(111) John Allegro, author of The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross.
(112) The loony Aetherius Society, already alluded to.
(113) (The love that dare not speak its name indeed). Douglas himself was “Jew-wise” and an enthusiastic proponent of both the Protocols and the Britons. Later he was gaoled for criminal libel, on Winston Churchill, of all people.
(114) In 1926, Cherep-Spiridovich published a book called THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT OR “THE HIDDEN HAND” The Unrevealed in History 100 Historical “Mysteries” Explained. This book is so crazy it makes the Protocols sound plausible. For example, on page 7 the author claims that “...there are nearly twenty-five million revolutionists within the United States...”, (bold in the original). Like Jewry Ueber Alles, such literature has to be seen to be believed.
(115) Drummond, The Twentieth Century Hoax, page 24, (op cit). This quote was allegedly made to the New York World, February 17, 1921.
(116) The defendant in the case was Theodore Fischer, the Swiss Nazi leader. According to the historian Christopher Sykes, the probable “forger” of the Protocols was identified as a Russian agent in Paris named Golovinskii, (History Today, February 1967, page 88; see also bibliography entry for 1967).
(117) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, pages 230-1, (op cit). Bernstein also covers the Berne trial.
(118) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, pages 230-1, (ibid). See also Jewish Chronicle, November 5, 1937, page 28, an article entitled: “Protocols” False, But Not Immoral Berne Appeal Court’s Verdict NO DAMAGES FOR NAZI APPELLANTS.
(119) Basle “Protocols of Zion” Trial Anti-Semite Withdraws Charges, published in the Jewish Chronicle, June 12, 1936, page 30.
(120) Another piece of nonsense the Jew-wise employ is the claim that the Protocols Of Zion was declared by the Swiss court to be a forgery, and a forgery is an unauthorised copy of something that exists or once existed. Eustace Mullins used the same argument when I interviewed him at the Global Deception Conference in January 1993, but this is simply a semantic trick (similar to the ones employed by the Zionists who claim that the Revisionists accuse “the Jews” of inventing the Holocaust). The word forgery used in this context means, clearly, a fabrication. For the full text of my interview with Eustace Mullins, and much more, the reader is referred to the 1995 entry in the bibliography.
(121) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 219, (op cit). This publication was called Die Waarheid, which bears the unlikely translation Truth. Extracts from the Protocols were apparently reprinted in the June 1, 1934 issue.
(122) See for example, The “Greyshirt” Trial Heavy Damages for Libelling Jewry The “Protocols of Zion”, published in the Jewish Chronicle, August 31, 1934, pages 25-6.
(123) Any reference to Jewish power - real or imagined - to brave Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian schoolchildren, or any refusal of the rest of mankind to bow down and kiss the arse of Imperial Zion. And a plethora of other things.
(124) From page 91 of THE PLOT AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA, by Klaus D. Vaque, published by Varama, Pretoria, (1989). Translated by Tom McGhee, originally published as VERRAT AN SUDAFRIKA, (1988).
(125) From page 212 of THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION, by Douglas Reed, published by Dolphin Press, Durban, (1978). This book was published posthumously; Reed died in 1976. (See also footnote 141).
(126) Reed, Controversy Of Zion, page 213, (ibid).
(127) Reed, Controversy Of Zion, page 213, (ibid).
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(129) Reuters Holdings plc, to be precise, [ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BRITISH PRESS, page 680, (ibid)].
(130) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BRITISH PRESS, (ibid), see in particular the entries for Gwynne and Dalziel himself; pages 282-3 and pages 188-9 respectively.
(131) Griffiths, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BRITISH PRESS, (ibid), see under entry for Gwynne.
(132) Griffiths, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BRITISH PRESS, page 423, (ibid).
(133) Which he certainly wasn’t. Douglas won the case and was awarded a farthing damages. Both parties were ordered to pay their own costs. Protocols as follows: “We must, of course, control all the press, as in fact we do to a large extent already, but it would be very foolish and only worthy of the silly Goyim (Christians) to suppose that all our press must be pro-Jewish. No, that would never do, we must have at least one important paper which, while pretending to be the enemy of the Jews, will really be controlled by ourselves.” This was a clear reference to the Morning Post. It was the publication of this speech which led to Douglas being gaoled for criminal libel on Winston Churchill.
 * Published as THE MURDER OF LORD KITCHENER AND The Truth about the Battle of Jutland and the Jews. Speech made by LORD ALFRED DOUGLAS at the Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London. REPRINTED FROM THE “BORDER STANDARD.”, printed by John McQueen & Son, Galashiels, (1923).
(135) Albeit unwittingly.
(136) Personally I’ve always found them virtually unreadable.
(137) The persistence of prejudice: Antisemitism in British society during the Second World War, by Tony Kushner, published by Manchester University Press, (1989), page 112. According to this author, the Britons circulated two editions of the Protocols during the Second World War.
(138) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 221, (op cit).
(139) According to the Wiener Library Bulletin, Summer 1966, vol. XX no. 3, new series no. 4, page 31, the Britons’ 82nd impression of the Protocols was published in November 1960 with the cover title World Conquest Through World Government.
(140) Vaque, The Plot Against South Africa, page 128, (op cit). The author, who is no manner of anti-Semite, interprets the Protocols in a Masonic context. He also quotes from A Race Programme for the Twentieth Century [sic] which he attributes to “a communist functionary” named Israel Cohen. In reality, Israel Cohen was a leading Zionist; his spurious plot for the destruction of white civilisation is the work of the sick mind of American anti-Semitic propagandist Eustace Mullins.
(141) Douglas Reed died in Durban, South Africa on August 16, 1976, aged 81. His obituary in the Times was not entirely unflattering.
(142) In 1964 a five page report with introduction by Thomas J. Dodd and Kenneth B. Keating was published by the US Government Printing Office, Washington. It was called PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION A Fabricated “Historic” Document A Report Prepared by the SUBCOMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE INTERNAL SECURITY ACT AND OTHER INTERNAL SECURITY LAWS TO THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE.
(143) An article called “THE LEARNED ELDERS” in the Fifteenth Century was published in The Hidden Hand, September 1920, page 6. This referred to the Letter of the Jews of Arles!
(144) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, pages 45-6, (op cit).
(145) The Sanhedrin is a Jewish court of law.
(146) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 27, (op cit).
(147) This letter, the contents of which were unquestionably spurious, may have been fabricated by the French political police. Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 27, (ibid).
(148) For the benefit of the uninitiated, Jean Adam Weishaupt was Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. The Order of the Illuminati was founded by Weishaupt and others on May 1, 1776.
(149) Some of these idiots even claim that Hitler was Jewish. According to Robert Singerman’s 1982 bibliography ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, author Kenneth Goff’s Hitler and the 20th Century Hoax, published c1954, claims in addition to the six million exterminated Jews being a myth that Hitler was of Jewish origin and a puppet of the Kremlin.
 This sort of nonsense appears first to have raised its head in 1933. An article, ALLEGED ANCESTRY OF HERR HITLER: “JEWISH STOCK ON MOTHER’S SIDE”, was published in the Times, July 13, 1933, page 13. This was a report filed from Vienna. The following day the paper published HERR HITLER’S ANCESTRY: REPLY TO AUSTRIAN ALLEGATIONS, (page 13). This was a report of the refutation from Berlin. Obviously the allegation had no factual basis, and was just as obviously black propaganda which was inspired by Jews, communists, somebody else or some organisation with an axe to grind, or perhaps by someone with nothing better to do than engage in mischief-making. All manner of conspiracy theories and urban legends are made of such nonsense.
(150) See for example The Trail of the Serpent, which was published under the bizarre pseudonym Inquire Within, [Boswell, London, (1936)]. The book has a chapter on the Order of the Illuminati.
(151) Inquire Within, Trail of the Serpent, page 68, (ibid).
(152) Also referred to as Biarritz-Rome; Biarritz-Rome-Gaeta and Duppel und Biarritz.
(153) Bernstein, pages 21-2, (op cit). Cohn gives this as In the Jewish Cemetery in Prague.
(154) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 36, (op cit).
(155) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 36-7, (ibid).
(156) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 37, (ibid).
(157) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 33, (ibid).
(158) In the April 1921 issue of THE HIDDEN HAND or JEWRY UEBER ALLES the article A PROTOCOL OF 1869, (pages 6-7), observed that Rabbi Reichhorn had pronounced a funeral oration at Prague which was “published by Readcliff, who paid with his life for divulging it.” According to the November 1921 issue (page 2), this was even reproduced as a pamphlet.
(159) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 37, (op cit).
(160) At the time of writing, the last edition published in the United Kingdom appears to be the 1978 B.P. Publications edition, already cited. There may have been other editions and translations published in Britain in foreign languages. A book called Cion Bolcseinek Jegyzokonyve A Talmud Magyarul was published in London in 1974. According to the British Library catalogue it is based on one English and two German texts (selections) and covers or is concerned with the Protocols. It appears to be either some sort of calumny on the Talmud or the usual communism is Jewish garbage. The Protocols are also popular among certain Islamic and Arab elements, although to the best of my knowledge such translations haven’t yet been published in this country, though they are certainly going the rounds.
(161) The full credits are NOT THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION! Shining A Searchlight On Three Updates Of The Infamous Jewish Master Plan: The Zunder Letter, The Israel Cohen “Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” Hoax And The Speech Of The Non-Existent Rabbi Rabinovich, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (July 1994).
(162) For further information on Mullins’ appalling track record as an anti-Semitic propagandist, Women’s Voice and much, much more, the reader is referred to the current writer’s Eustace Clarence Mullins..., (Second Edition), published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1995).
(163) Monita secreta (privata) Societatis Jesu.
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(165) Also known as Jerome. The surname is also rendered Zaorowski.
(166) A History of the Society of Jesus, by William V. Bangert, S.J. published by The Institute of Jesuit Sources, St. Louis, (1972), page 140.
(167) (MONITA SECRETA) THE SECRET INSTRUCTIONS OF THE JESUITS, by Rev. John Gerard, S.J., published by the Catholic Truth Society, London, (1901).
(168) Paul von Hoensbroech 1852-1923, a former Jesuit and polemicist, [New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol IX, page 1062, (op cit)].
(169) Recall Henry Ford’s claim reported (allegedly) in the Jewish Chronicle, September 6, 1940, that even if they were a fake, they were true in essence.
(170) SATAN WANTS YOU: THE CULT OF DEVIL WORSHIP IN AMERICA, by Arthur Lyons, published by the Mysterious Press, New York, (1988), pages 180-1.
(171) Initially at any rate; not a few people - Boris Brasol and company - made a comfortable living out of peddling the Jewish conspiracy to the gullible, the credulous and the bigoted, and still do. Probably the same was once true of the Monita Secreta.
(172) Literary Forgeries, by J.A. Farrer, Introduction by Andrew Lang, published by Longmans, Green, London, (1907), page 1.
(173) Dated 2nd January, 1641. Galileo had been blind since 1637!
(174) Farrer, Literary Forgeries, page 210, (op cit).
(175) Farrer, Literary Forgeries, page 211, (ibid).
(176) It is difficult to credit that people can be so gullible, but this is and always has been the case. I found this little gem in the Daily Mirror, January 25, 1995, page 13. Called Day-release jailbird swindled us, this is an EXCLUSIVE by Jeff Edwards, and reads as follows: in 1991, con-man Glenn Lacey was on day release from prison - he was let out to work at the village school. He was befriended by a man and wife who were not named, and they loaned him £5,500 against money he said he held abroad. “We knew he was a prisoner, but he seemed such a genuine man. We never got a penny back.” This article reported that Lacey was up to his old tricks, doubtless when he’s finished his current stretch or even before he’s finished it, he’ll find another mug to con.
(177) THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GAMBLING, by Carl Sifakis, published by Facts On File, New York, (1990), page 92.
(178) See in particular Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, Chapter IV, (op cit).
(179) THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY: A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORICAL AND LEGAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, 1963-1979, Compiled by DeLloyd J. Guth and David R. Wrone, published by Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut, (1980).
(180) Of all the countless books, articles and other studies on this subject, probably no more than a handful are worth reading. Before the reader reads anything else on the Kennedy assassination, I would heartily recommend Disinformation, Misinformation, and the “Conspiracy” to Kill JFK Exposed, by Armand Moss, published by Archon Books, Hamden, Conn, (1987). This is a book that could save you hours or even years of wading through garbage.
(181) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 17, (op cit).
(182) I am referring here to the 1984 Revised edition published by Treasure Press, London.
(183) At one time it seemed that books on Jack the Ripper were tripping off the presses every few months, each one denouncing the previous hypothesis and offering up another, every bit as plausible, and just as wrong. Like the Kennedy assassination, Jack the Ripper has long since become an industry, and there is an extensive bibliography on the subject, including Jack the Ripper: A Bibliography and Review of the Literature.

Various authors have theorised/speculated that Jack was:

A woman - ie Jill the Ripper
A policeman - Old Bill the Ripper?
A homosexual - gay slayer
Insane - now there’s a thought!
Malay - the word amuk rings a bell here
A medical man - one of several
A gorilla !?
An orang outang
And, of course, a Gull.
It has even been suggested that he was a mere nobody.

(184) See in particular Knight, Jack The Ripper, pages 160-2, (op cit).
(185) One such entry is Sanhedrin Produced World Destruction. The Old Testament Versus the Talmud and the Protocols. The Poison in the Jews’ Cup. The United States of the U.N.O., published by Women’s Voice, Chicago, (c1945-6), reprinted by Sons of Liberty, 197? as A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy.
(186) An Unusual Jew, published in Gothic Ripples, 29th November, 1955, issue 133, page 3.
(187) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 57, (op cit). Cohn refers to this character - erroneously - as Millinger throughout his book.
(188) Unlike the racial Jews and gullible goyim of the Socialist International.
(189) THE TORAH AND POLITICAL ZIONISM, by Rabbi Josef Becher, EAFORD Paper No. 40, published by EAFORD, London, (February 1984), page 5.
(190) I have documented my misadventures with the Anti-Semitic International elsewhere; the interested reader is referred to The Churchill Papers..., by myself and Mark Taha.
(191) Lebzelter, Political Anti-Semitism, page 7, (op cit).
(192) On purely factual matters Lebzelter is trustworthy, but on matters of interpretation she always shows anti-Semites - real and imagined - in the worst possible light, while finding no fault at all with any Jew ever. In other words she is typical of the academics who write on such matters.
(193) The Christian Right is more of a US phenomenon, like the Right to Lifers and the gun lobby.
(194) As people close to me will tell you, I’ve fallen in love with that phrase.
(195) The following quote is one I have found most instructive and have used previously in my publications on the Jewish Question: “Terms like ‘international Jewry’ or ‘Judaists’, allegations of ‘conspiracy’ are examples of semantics which trigger suspicions about the motives of those who employ them...There is no intricate Zionist ‘conspiracy’. Zionism has employed one of the best propaganda machines the world has ever known. It generally signals its intentions loudly and clearly. It has succeeded in furthering undemocratic programs and policies because all too few knew enough about Zionism to read and properly interpret its gaudy propaganda.” From page 17 of THE STRUCTURE OF THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES, by Rabbi Dr Elmer Berger, published by EAFORD, London, a 21 page pamphlet, (undated but published c1980).
(196) The biggest shit of all these was of course Ray Hill; the reader is referred to the current writer’s thoroughly documented study Liars Ought To Have Good Memories..., published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1994).
(197) See the “Jewish events magazine” New Moon, May 1992, page 19.
(198) See for example the following books: THE ZIONIST CONNECTION: What Price Peace?, by Alfred M. Lilienthal, published by Dodd, Mead, New York, (1978); The Lobby: Jewish Political Power And American Foreign Policy, by Edward Tivnan, published by Simon and Schuster, New York, (1987); and ISRAEL and the NEW WORLD ORDER, by Andrew J. Hurley, published by Fithian Press, Foundation for a New World Order, Santa Barbara, (1991). Two books which deserve special mention are They Dare To Speak Out... by former U.S. Congressman Paul Findley, and the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Uncomfortable Questions For Comfortable Jews. Findley was a Congressman for over twenty years. Until he fell foul of the Zionist octopus. Kahane’s book is hilarious.
(199) And a few Moslem fanatics.
(200) Adolf Hitler does not fall into this category.
(201) This may come as a surprise to the reader but it is true nevertheless. During the Hitler years, or at least during his early years of power, world Jewry was more concerned with the situations of Jews in Poland and Palestine. With the singular, spectacular exception of Kristallnacht, there were no Nazi atrocities or outrages against the Jews in Germany. (And even the true nature of Kristallnacht has been hotly debated). Individual Nazis who committed criminal acts against Jews were dealt with by the courts, sometimes severely.
(202) For much more on this, the interested (and conspiratorially minded) reader is referred to TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A History of THE WORLD in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley, Second Printing, Angriff Press, Los Angeles, (1974).
(203) See THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY Exposed By A Rabbi..., by Alexander Baron and Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (January 1995).
(204) The Zionist element. Many Jewish “anti-fascists” rightly equate Zionism with Nazism and are smeared as self-hating Jews on this account.
(205) See the current writer’s book HOLOCAUST DENIAL: NEW NAZI LIE or NEW INQUISITION? and Professor Butz’s definitive Hoax of the Twentieth Century, 2nd Edition, in particular pages 6 & 10-2.
(206) Also published transiently under the title Six Million Lost and Found...
(207) A well-known author on the paranornal, among other things.
(208) hoax of the century, by C.C Aronsfeld, published in Patterns of Prejudice, Nov-Dec 1976, Volume 10, Number 6, pages 13-6.
(209) It goes without saying that although Professor Butz is indeed an engineer, he does not believe in the Protocols.
(210) As gloated over by the Jewish Chronicle, September 30, 1994.
(211) For a brief appraisal of these three Holocaust survivors and proven liars (Vrba is an admitted liar) the reader is again referred to the current writer’s study HOLOCAUST DENIAL: NEW NAZI LIE or NEW INQUISITION?
(212) The Encyclopedia Americana, International Edition, published by Americana Corporation, New York, (1977), Volume 5, page 681.
(213) To learn how this is possible and how the super-rich retain control of their wealth even when they don’t technically own it, the reader is referred to THE ROCKEFELLER FILE, by Gary Allen and None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, published by Concord Press, Seal Beach, California, Third printing, (April 1972), [see bibliography].
(214) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 126, (op cit).
(215) Citing a report in the New York Journal-American of February 3, 1949 which quoted Schiff’s grandson, John Schiff, [Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, page 69, (ibid)].
(216) Published by Arlington House, New Rochelle, New York, (1974).
(217) For further information on the financing of Hitler and the Nazis the reader is referred to Pool & Pool, Who Financed Hitler, (op cit).
(218) In his now long defunct magazine Focal Point for January 31st, 1983, Irving quotes from a letter by Heinrich Bruning, a former German Chancellor, to the editors of Life magazine, “I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and, one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.”
(219) Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, (op cit). See page 197, also pages 189 and 195-6.
(220) Sutton, Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, page 89, (op cit).
(221) Sutton, Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, (op cit).
(222) Sutton, Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, page 90, (op cit).
(223) Sutton, Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, page 90, (ibid).
(224) Published in three volumes.
(225) Allen’s book is listed in Robert Singerman’s ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA, (already cited). On pages 286-7, the bibliographer comments: “Although not a vituperative attack on the Jews, considerable attention is devoted to the Jewish Insiders whom Allen holds responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the financing of the Bolshevik revolution.” This is garbage, and is exactly the sort of mendacity the politically enlightened have come to expect of Organised Jewry.
(226) the powers of darkness: conspiracy belief and political strategy, by Richard C. Thurlow, published in Patterns Of Prejudice, Nov.-Dec. 1978, Volume 12 Number 6, pages 1-12 and 23. This quote appears on page 6.
(227) Thurlow, the powers of darkness, page 7, (ibid).
(228) This is no longer quite true, in recent years a number of books have been published which attempt to tackle the Revisionists’ arguments head on. But they are clearly far too little much too late, and are in any case more polemical than scholarly.
(229) Thurlow, the powers of darkness, page 7, (op cit).
(230) DANGER ON THE RIGHT: THE ATTITUDES, PERSONNEL AND INFLUENCE OF THE RADICAL RIGHT AND EXTREME CONSERVATIVES, by Arnold Forster & Benjamin R. Epstein, published by Random House, New York, (1964), page 24.
(231) Forster & Epstein, Danger On The Right, page 25, (ibid).
(232) “You do not subidize an enemy” to be pedantic. This quote appears on page 261 of Sutton’s 1973 study NATIONAL SUICIDE: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, Fourth printing, (June 1974). It is taken from his testimony before Subcommittee VII of the Platform Committee of the Republican Party at Miami Beach, Florida, August 15, 1972.
(233) Which, according to Sutton, was a front for the Wall Street bankers, (Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, see in particular Chapter 5).
(234) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 387, (op cit).
(235) According to Quigley in Tragedy And Hope, [page 921, (ibid)], a great deal of nuclear information and uranium metal went to the Soviet Union as part of the Lend-Lease programme in 1943, which means that the subsequent uproar over the Atom Spies and the so-called witch hunts of Senator McCarthy were nothing less than a gigantic red herring.
(236) (Sutton’s phrase). It is difficult to estimate to what extent Thurlow is a paid dupe and to what extent a dumb goy. In his book FASCISM IN BRITAIN A History, 1918-1985, he writes of Searchlight magazine: “Gerry Gable’s intelligence activities...appeared to find out more about the extreme right than the fascists knew themselves” and “The activities of Ray Hill led to the exposure of a gunrunning operation to Northern Ireland involving members of the National Democratic Party, the thwarting of a plot to explode a terrorist bomb at the 1981 Notting Hill carnival, and the passing of information to the authorities of the provision of ‘safe houses’ for wanted terrorists, who in return (it was alleged) were providing paramilitary training and proceeds from previous bank robberies on the continent. Hill provided evidence that practically all of Britain’s nazis were implicated in some of these activities, including the British Movement, the League of St George and Column 88.”
 The plain truth as demonstrated by the current writer, is that Ray Hill incited criminal acts for his manipulator to expose in his hate-filled magazine, and that the Notting Hill bomb plot and all the other Nazi conspiracies which have been documented by Searchlight existed only in Gable’s sick Jewish mind.
(237) The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, by Antony C. Sutton, published by Liberty House Press, Billings, Montana, (1986). It is actually Gary North Ph.D. who wrote this on page xv of the Foreword. Sutton refers to these businessmen as the deaf mute blindmen, a term coined, appopriately enough, by Lenin.
(238) An argument that was always rejected out of hand by the anti-Apartheid movement when Conservatives advocated trade and investment as a means of liberalising the then Apartheid regime in South Africa.
(239) Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, page 67, (op cit).
(240) The Marquess (or Marquis) of Tavistock, William Sackville Russell Hastings (1888-1953), was later the 12th Duke of Bedford. As well as an ardent financial reformer he was a Catholic and pacifist.
(241) Jewish Chronicle June 30, 1939, page 22.
(242) Jewish Chronicle, July 7, 1939, page 30.
(243) The Jewish Chronicle for April 15, 1994 pointed out that there were fifty-four Jewish entries in the Sunday Times richest 500.
(244) See for example Poor Jews: An American Awakening, Edited by Naomi Levine and Martin Hochbaum, published by Transaction Books, New Brunswick, New Jersey, (1974). For a UK perspective, see Harold Pollins’ 1982 study Economic History of the Jews of England, in particular pages 213-4.
(245) Kitson was the author of many tracts on financial reform and a devout believer in the Protocols. He did the world an enormous disservice by introducing Arnold Leese to them, and the result is history. It is difficult to tell if Douglas himself believed in the Protocols verbatim (he certainly believed in the conspiracy theory) because his writings are not renowned for their clarity. Except for his analyses of the defects in the financial system, which are based on mathematical and engineering principles, (Douglas was an engineer), and are therefore irrefutable.
(246) In an essay THE RETURN OF JEREMIAH..., published in the book BRITISH FASCISM: ESSAYS ON THE RADICAL RIGHT IN INTER-WAR BRITAIN, Edited by Kenneth Lunn and Richard C. Thurlow, published by Croom Helm, London, (1980). To be scrupulously fair to Thurlow - a favour he would most certainly not return - it is far from only the intellectual prostitutes who ridicule Douglas. Writing in a 1976 Institute of Economic Affairs publication, Denationalisation of Money, F.A. Hayek, author of the classic The Road To Surfdom, and a supposedly distinguised economist, dismissed Douglas as one of “a long series of cranks with strong inflationist inclinations.”
(247) For a full discussion, the reader is referred to The Monopoly Of Credit, by C.H. Douglas, 4th Edition, published by Bloomfield Books, Sudbury, Suffolk, (1979).
(248) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 363, (op cit).
(249) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 499, (ibid).
(250) Sutton, National Suicide, page 17, (op cit). The author is quoting from U.S. State Department Decimal File, 033.1161 Johnston, Eric/6-3044: Telegram June 30, 1944.
(251) Bendor Samuel, An Examination of the Book called “The Jewish Peril”, (op cit).
(252) Cohn, Warrant For Genocide, page 140, (op cit).
(253) There is a slight complication here with the rise of so-called black fascists and anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan and his movement, and other non-white separatists, but that needn’t concern us.
(254) In issue 7 of its theoretical journal Fighting Talk (undated but published cMarch 1994), the group of thugs known as Anti-Fascist Action stated their policy in no uncertain terms: “Militant anti-fascism has a single goal - to forcefully disrupt the fascists from going about their business. Our aim is to prevent them from selling their papers, distributing their leaflets, putting up their stickers and posters. Our intention is to make it impossible for them to stand candidates in elections, and where they do manage to stand, to disrupt their campaigns at every stage. Ultimately, our aim is to crush them completely, to wipe them off the face of the earth...We have never made any bones about it: to fight the fascists ideologically, you have to fight them physically....A purely legal anti-fascism is no anti-fascism at all.”
(255) As happened in Soviet Russia, a detail of history the socialists excuse by claiming that Soviet Russia practised Stalinism or state capitalism or any other ism bar socialism. It is perhaps not quite true that “anti-fascists” never openly advocate murdering “fascists”. In fact it is not true at all; some of their journals advocate murdering not only fascists but police officers and members of the judiciary, and sundry other “class enemies”, though this is a facet of their ideology the general public doesn’t usually see.
(256) Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: POLITICAL EXTREMISM IN AMERICA, by John George and Laird Wilcox, published by Prometheus, Buffalo, New York, (1992), page 338.
(257) George & Wilcox, Nazis, Communists, Klansmen..., page 329, (ibid).
(258) Ie emigration to Israel. The full story didn’t come out until 1966; this is recorded by Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld in his book GENOCIDE in the HOLY LAND, published by Bnei Yeshivos, New York, (1980), see pages 510-7.
(259) National Socialism was not collectivist in the economic sense, and indeed, in comparison with international socialism it is a rather benign philosophy, but a full discussion of the finer points of what is or is not collectivist would take us too far afield. All forms of socialism, including National Socialism, are undesirable, and should therefore be vigorously opposed.
(260) From The Wealth Of Nations; this quote is taken from page 232 of the Penguin English Library edition, (1982).
(261) For a complete refutation of this the reader is referred to Searchlight On Gerry Gable: Secret State Asset Or Liability? A Critique Of Larry O’Hara’s Flawed Conspiracy Theory, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 1994).
(262) Quoted by Antony Sutton in How the Order CREATES WAR and REVOLUTION, published by Veritas, Bullsbrook, Western Australia, Second Printing, (1986), page 2. A slightly different, truncated version of this quote appears in ARCHITECTS OF CONSPIRACY: An Intriguing History, by William P. Hoar, published by Western Islands, Boston, (1984), page 79.
(263) The books of Gary Allen, for example, and, requisite reading for all serious conspiracy theorists, Professor Quigley’s Tragedy And Hope.
(264) The claim is often made by contemporary conspiracy theorists that secret and semi-secret groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission are direct descendants of the Illuminati. Certainly these groups have been up to no good for decades, and they most definitely are elitist architects of the “New World Order”, but although they have conspiratorial roots, there is no evidence that they are descended directly from Illuminism. Intriguingly, in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Sutton suggests that Nazism too is rooted in Illuminism.
(265) Although she was writing seventy and more years ago, long before the inception of the Trilateral Commission, Nesta Webster drew a line from the French Revolution down to the Socialist International and Bolsheviki of her time. She also had a hand in the Morning Post articles; her books are just as worthless as serious studies of conspiracy, and will not be discussed here.
(266) Sutton, Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, (op cit). See Appendix 2.
(267) THE DECLINE OF THE WEST, Volume II: PERSPECTIVES OF WORLD-HISTORY, by Oswald Spengler, authorized translation with notes by Charles Francis Atkinson, published by George Allen and Unwin, London, Seventh Impression, 8th reprint, (1980), page 402.
(268) Technically a Populist was a member of the People’s Party, which was founded in 1891. Mrs Emery’s booklet predates the founding of the People’s Party, although the 1892 edition was published in support of it.
(269) SEVEN FINANCIAL CONSPIRACIES Which Have Enslaved The American People, Revised Edition :- Three Hundred Thousandth by Mrs Sarah E.V. Emery, published by D.A. Reynolds, Lansing, (1892). This booklet went through several editions by different publishers, including by Mrs Emery herself, but see in particular page 72.
(270) THE POPULIST REVOLT: A History of the Farmers’ Alliance and the People’s Party, by John D. Hicks, published by University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, (1931), page 166.
(271) It is listed by Singerman in ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA (page 7), on account of its “[r]epresent[ing] the Wall Street money brokers as Shylocks whose control of the country’s finances has reduced the people to an abject and heartless wage-slavery.”
(272) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 53, (op cit).
(273) Financial Times, September 26, 1921, page 2: “Does he, and do his colleagues, realise that half a dozen men at the top of the five big banks could upset the whole fabric of Government finance by refraining from renewing Treasury bills?” And from the same article: “Most people have not yet realised how dangerous a thing it is that the banks of this country are now in five big groups, and that half a dozen men who control them can make or ruin the entire nation.” And they still haven’t! This was later cited by Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy; the question appeared in an article THE GOVERNMENT AND THE BANKS., and was directed at the Lloyd George government.
(274) Sutton, Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, pages 167-8.
(275) Rear Admiral Chester Ward USN (Retd.) quoted by Barry Goldwater in WITH NO APOLOGIES: The Personal and Political Memoirs of United States SENATOR BARRY M. GOLDWATER, published by William Morrow, (1979), page 278.
(276) Other people’s lives, and other people’s misery.
(277) See his remarks on the subject in Trilaterals Over Washington, Volume 1.
(278) See his remarks on the subject in Chapter III of Social Credit.
(279) An interesting speculation here - and I stress that it is no more than that - is the rise of and subsequent demonising of Holocaust Revisionism. It is the current writer’s belief that if the Zionists hadn’t given ground and signed an accord with the PLO, Holocaust Revisionism wouldn’t have been demonised to quite the extent that it has been, and that they were made fully aware of this.
(280) The Power of Reason: 1988, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. published by Executive Intelligence Review, FIRST EDITION, 2nd Printing, Washington, (1988), page 66.
(281) Radical Round Up, by Tony Lerman, published in Patterns Of Prejudice, Volume 20, Number 2, pages 27-32. See in particular page 29.
(282) With the fallacious reasoning: if this guy is not a crank, why have the powers-that-be gone to such extraordinary lengths to discredit him? According to John George and Laird Wilcox in Nazis, Communists, Klansmen..., page 324, (op cit), in December 1986, LaRouche and six of his aides were tried for a complex credit card rip off. Due to government dirty tricks a mistrial was ruled, but LaRouche was retried and convicted in 1988. He was gaoled.
(283) In June 1994, the LaRouche organisation published a 15 page document entitled Summary of Relevant Evidence On the Record Demonstrating The Innocence of Lyndon LaRouche And Co-Defendants, (credited to the Committee to Reverse The Accelerating Global Economic and Strategic Crisis: A LaRouche Exploratory Committee, Leesburg, VA).
(284) This magazine really is excellent beyond all meaning of the word; the Fall 1992 issue carried an article called New Ways to Eliminate Wastes, which covered, among other things, the use of high energy electron beams to purify drinking water.
(285) If you still think the Green Movement is about saving whales and cuddly koalas, try this on for size: “Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.” Imagine the uproar if the reviewer had said this about Jews! [This is taken from The Toxicity of Environmentalism, by George C. Reisman published by The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics, And Psychology, (1990). It is allegedly lifted from a review of The End of Nature published in the Los Angeles Times. I say allegedly because I haven’t seen the original, but the screeds of environmentalists are peppered liberally with such genocidal pronouncements].
 The front cover of the Fall 1992 issue of 21st CENTURY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY contains the following blurb:

Hoaxes Kill
Save the Earth with Technology
and lower down the page:

Who Owns the

Like other LaRouche publications, the content is very impressive, provided one throws out all the conspiracy and mystical crap.

(286) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 919, (op cit).
(287) Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, page 920, (ibid).
(288) His tome (which was mysteriously consigned to the memory hole until it was resurrected by so-called far right extremists), is allegedly based on the research papers of the Insiders, in particular, the clique at Chatham House.
(289) When Christopher Mayhew MP (later Lord Mayhew) co-authored a book on the Middle East in which he made some rather unflattering (but mild) allusions to the power of Organised Jewry, he was smeared as an anti-Semite. In a libel action in Israel, the book was likened by the judge to both the Protocols Of Zion and Mein Kampf. * Mayhew is about as unlikely a candidate for an anti-Semite as one could wish to find.
 * Publish It Not...The Middle East Cover-Up, by Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew, published by Longman, London, (1975). See also the Jewish Chronicle, August 10, 1979, page 3.
(290) The Trilateral Commission has now come out of the closet, as has the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR’s theoretical journal Foreign Affairs is now available from many larger newsagents in London, and presumably in many other major cities worldwide too.
(291) Major Douglas did re Social Credit, but not with the Protocols; Professor Butz did with his book to silence all but conscious liars, etc.
(292) Real and imagined.
(293) Singerman [ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA, pages 286-7, (op cit)] says of this book: “Although not a vituperative attack on the Jews, considerable attention is devoted to the Jewish Insiders whom Allen holds responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the financing of the Bolshevik revolution.” This is pure garbage, like 90% of the propaganda which is spewed out by Organised Jewry worldwide. At the time this pamphlet was published, Allen was still alive.
(294) Sykes gives no source for this quote, but you can find it in his article on the Protocols in History Today, February 1967, pages 83-4. In Warrant For Genocide, [page 115, (op cit)], Cohn gives a slightly different wording.
(295) Ie the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal.
(296) Also published as Contract on America: The Mafia Murder of President John F. Kennedy, (1988).
(297) Although published in support of the British National Party, this journal is owned by its long time editor, John Tyndall.

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