De Profundis (1)

Six years and more since last I saw your face,
All I can do is worship from afar,
Unable to redeem my fall from grace,
Or check the rush of my descending star,
Sat brooding in this Godforsaken place,
I can’t forget how beautiful you are.

I lay abed as comes another dawn,
And streaks of yellow bathe this cell of mine,
For one who wishes he had not been born
The birds sing not, the Moon and Sun don‘t shine,
The precious gifts of life and love breed scorn
For one who worships only at your shrine.

And yet, within my heart there burns a flame
As in the hearts of all men born to die,
Rekindling every time I call your name,
Shrinking when naught but echoes fain reply.
The lonely days and nights wear on the same,
The lost, tormented soul looks t’ward the sky
Unanswered, so I worship from afar,
For Love, My Love, how beautiful you are.

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