Youíre the ugliest creature that ever has been,
Your face is horrific, your body obscene,
Youíre bug-eyed and cross-eyed, your teeth are all green,
No wonder they call you the Cyclops.

Your poor mother, whatever must she have thought?
I bet she took one look and fainted distraught,
That into this world such a monster sheíd brought,
This hideous thing called the Cyclops.

Youíve got dandruff and fleas and nits in your hair,
Youíve no shame, no hygiene, you havenít a care,
Of shampoo and toothpaste youíre quite unaware,
You stink like some old dosserís organ.

Donít look in the mirror, the damn thing will break,
You canít part your hair with a comb or a rake,
Do mankind a favour, go jump in the lake,
Youíre worse than Medusa the Gorgon.

Youíre too ugly for words but this thing I must say,
A creature like you should stay home in the day,
I canít fathom why theyíve not put you away
In one of those new quarantine blocks.

I canít think of anything nice about you,
I look in your face and Iím wanting to spew,
Why donít you go live somewhere like Timbucktu
And spare us your ugliness, Cyclops?

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