Notes And References

(1) The astute reader may notice that sometimes the word Searchlight is italicised, and sometimes not. The latter is not due to a lapse in my house style; Searchlight without the italics alludes to the Searchlight Organisation or Searchlight in a generic sense; with italics, the allusion is to the magazine.
(2) Gable is total scum, but for the record, the cartoons were commissioned from an artist I never met. Like me he read and advertised in Loot; when I phoned him and told him what I wanted, he was a bit dubious, afraid that he too might be smeared as an anti-Semite. I sent him a copy of the manuscript, and gave him carte blanche. Donít ask me his name, Iíve long forgotten, I may not even have known his surname; I recall only that he lived in the East End of London.
(3) Actually they were mallets, but they felt like hammers at the time! The incident happened extremely quickly, but I believe only two of them had weapons.

(4) Below is a scan of paragraph 92 from Gableís witness statement in Baron v Gable in which he actually makes that claim, or rather uses that innuendo.

(5) LIBYA: Gadhafi Human Rights Award Given To the Fight Against AIDS in Africa, by Marcel Fakhry, published in Spare Rib July 1992, pages 46-7.

The report of the deliberate creation of AIDS appears to have originated from a 1984 report in an Indian daily called the Patriot which quoted a well-known (and anonymous!) US scientist and anthropologist, who is alleged to have said it was developed from a virus created by the US germ warfare department at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

This is a popular urban legend among American blacks, or African-Americans as we are now to call them. Apparently it was part of a plot to eliminate them by the year 2000. Another piece of nonsense is the claim that the CIA is behind the crack epidemic which affects mostly American inner city blacks.

(6) Or ďNobodyís entitled to a jobĒ; I remember this conversation very well.
(7) Although the fiction was put about that Chris had left voluntarily and was moving on to pastures new, he was literally forced out by the tobacco companies. The reason for that was he said, because they were not interested in fighting an ideological struggle like he was, but if sullying up to the government and doing everything they could to protect their market even though it meant going along with most of the ludicrous and increasingly bizarre anti-smoking propaganda that was being churned out by ASH and similar lobbying organisations. He was replaced by Marjorie Nicholson (neť Brady) who although not quite as formidable an intellect as Chris was equally committed - and unlike him, a smoker. She didnít last long either, surprise, surprise.
(8) Plot to smash Searchlight flops, published in Searchlight, March 1983, issue 93, page 8.

Charles Hanson was a Searchlight ďmoleĒ. He would later be convicted of murdering his wife. I didnít know this at the time, and Chris certainly didnít. The truth didnít come out until after Hanson was sentenced; he was exposed by the anti-Searchlight magazine Target. I didnít make the connection at the time, and donít think I ever mentioned it to Chris, so he may never have known. With the wisdom of hindsight, it all makes sense; this was yet another example of Gableís unconditional hatred, not simply for White Anglo-Saxon society but for anyone who opposes his particular brand of forced race-mixing and absolute collectivism.
(9) Emigre Extremists: The London Line, published in Searchlight, June 1982, no 84, page 4.
(10) No comment!
(11) Plot to smash Searchlight flops, (op cit).
(12) Taming Tame, published in Searchlight, May 1983, issue 95, page 14. The July 1983 issue, (no 97), page 11 refers to Chris again as ďformerly of the Libertarian AllianceĒ.
(13) Tame and the untamed, published in Searchlight, May 1984, issue 107, page 7.
(14) Although we talked about the subject peripherally, and Chris was aware that the Holocaust had been greatly exaggerated, we never discussed the reality or otherwise of the gas chambers, and in spite of his interest in both Twentieth Century history and propaganda, he had more important and more relevant, contemporaneous fish to fry.

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