The tiling has an unusual, though not unpleasing design,
Blotched red interwoven with faint patterns of yellow and grey.
Stare at it intensely for a few moments, and if your eye is very good
You will see the Chameleon, (far right), moving slowly across it;
Every so often it pauses and looks up straight towards us as if it can
detect our breathing, even through the glass partition.
Most times when I look in on my way to the aquarium I canít discern
it immediately,
But now and again when Iím looking for it, it freezes for an instant,
Its colours drain away, and there it stands,
Erect, undisguised and in total disharmony with its background
Before fading once more into near total sameness,
And continuing almost unnoticably on its way.

[The above was written in 1984 and published originally in 1988. Click here for a PDF scan of the original].

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