Correspondence With Houston Police Re Convicted Murderess Linda Carty (Preamble)

The correspondence below is between myself and Houston Police concerning convicted murderess Linda Carty. In September 2009, the Reprieve organisation began a veritable blitz of publicity in Britain and especially in London for this worthless cause. Not content with pleading for Carty’s life they endorsed her lies uncritically and doubtless invented a few of their own. One of the claims that has been made about Carty in addition to being a battered woman and an abused woman is that she is a rape victim. In particular that in 1988 she was raped in a Houston car park. [In my webform E-Mail below I got the date wrong, Carty became pregnant in 1988 rather than 1989]. She gave up the baby for adoption. Call me a cynic but I find it difficult to believe that in this day and age after such a traumatic experience an intelligent, forceful young woman, such as Carty then was, would a) allow herself to become pregnant, b) give birth and c) fail to report the actual rape.

While a victim of date rape or acquaintance rape might even in the 21st Century exhibit some reluctance about pressing charges or even reporting the actual crime, possibly fearing she would not be believed, a woman who is attacked by a stranger - the proverbial masked rapist who holds a knife to her throat - is a different kettle of fish entirely. This is a crime that obviously never happened; along with all the other tear jerking twaddle it is something that has been invented to generate sympathy for Carty, sympathy that is entirely unwarranted. Nor was Carty an abused or battered woman; rather it was her lover who left her because he’d had enough of her lies.

Although as stated this rape was manufactured to garner sympathy for Carty, the fact that she had a baby and gave it up for adoption may not be entirely irrelevant to her actions more than a decade later. Carty masterminded the kidnap of Joana Rodriguez in order to steal her baby, her original plan was to literally cut the baby out of her. Sick, twisted and bizarre though this may be, her 1988 pregnancy provides a motive for the crime. In its own way, adoption can be just as traumatic if not more so than abortion. Many women feel a lifelong sense of guilt over it. It is this, I believe, that was responsible for Carty perpetrating this terrible crime. If that were indeed the case, then Reprieve may just have a point when they castigate her lawyer, not for failing to secure her acquittal in the face of absolutely overwhelming evidence of her guilt, but for failing to run an insanity defence, which may just have resulted in her receiving a life sentence. That is of course if St Linda “I was framed” Carty had agreed to plead insanity.


Webform E-Mail To Houston Police


Dear Sir,

My apologies if I am using the wrong webform; if this is the case may I ask that you forward this e-mail to the relevant department?

In 2002, Linda Anita Carty was convicted of the murder of Joana Rodriguez and sentenced to death. She is currently on death row and may be executed later this year, her final appeal having been turned down by the Supreme Court.

Carty is technically a British citizen, and in September last year a massive campaign protesting her innocence and pleading for her life was launched here in Britain. Both the print and broadcast media have reported Carty's claims uncritically, but the Fifth Circuit judgment tells a very different story.

Among one of the claims Carty has made is that she was raped in a Houston car park in 1989. She had the baby, and gave it up for adoption. This is apparently intended to garner sympathy for her.

Would it be possible for you to confirm that Carty reported this alleged rape at the time? Thank you.

If not, thank you anyway, whatever the imperfections of American justice, I have no doubt whatsoever about Carty's guilt and will continue to publicise the true facts of this case.

Yours Sincerely,
A Baron

[Although the above is undated, I believe I sent it the day before the reply; certainly the response was prompt].


Response Of Houston Police


From: HPD OpenRecs
Subject: Re: Linda Carty - allegation of rape
Date: Wednesday, 23 June, 2010, 0:34

Dear Alexander Baron,

Please be advised the Houston Police Department did not find anything listing her as a victim of sexual assault. We even ran her with the last name of “Anwetter.” If this occurred on university property, the alleged incident could have been reported to the university PD and not HPD. If you know what university she attended, you can contact the university PD. If she attended the University of Houston, there police department number is 713-743-3333 or you can visit there website at:

Since we have no responsive documents, we are closing our file on this matter. If you obtain further information such as the location of the incident and/or the incident number, we will search our records again.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Public Affairs Division, Open Records Unit.

Thank you,

Joe Zapata


Response To Houston Police


Re: Linda Carty - allegation of rape
Wednesday, 23 June, 2010 8:12

To: "HPD OpenRecs" Thank you very much for your time and attention.

On your side of the Pond, Linda Carty may be just another death row inmate - assuming you have ever heard of her - but over here she is a superstar thanks to the efforts of the Reprieve organisation who have literally deluged the media with reports about how she was failed by the worst lawyer in the world, framed by wicked drug dealers, and so on. One of the claims they have made is that in 1989 she was raped as though this should somehow mitigate against her murdering a young mother twelve years later. In fact the claim that St Linda was raped is just another scam aimed at drumming up support for this worthless cause. Thank you again for setting the record straight.

Yours Sincerely,
A Baron


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