Song Of The Cancer Club

Snooker, that classy sport,
Enjoys our sponsorship.
So too the tennis court;
Do try our filter tip.

How íbout a game of cricket?
We give a major prize
For every fallen wicket;
Do try our new king-size.

Sportsmen are fit and healthy,
As are our patrons too,
The workers and the wealthy;
It isnít bad for you.

They all smoke on the screen,
Spy, hero and romancer,
Femme fatale, movie queen,
Comedienne and dancer.

Itís very vogue, and in,
Like dress, itís part of fashion,
A bit of nicotiní
Wonít harm your health or passsion,

Unlike the demon drink!
Itís cheap too, bar the tax,
It leaves you in the pink,
Helps you unwind, relax.

Just five or ten a day
Wonít set you back a packet.
Health warnings? Disobey
Them; itís a con, a racket.

All things in moderation,
That even goes for sport!
The doctors of this nation
The simple truth distort.

At worst it is a vice,
But every vice is fun
With, at the end, a price,
But "cancer of the lung?"

The quacks are only joking,
Just cough at this retort,
And donít be put off smoking;
Itís harmless fun, like sport!

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