The Camel

The camel is a temperamental beast,
Abuse him and hell make you look a chump,
He doesnt like a whipping in the least,
And swearing at him soon gives him the hump.

Hes stubborn as a jackass when he pleases,
It matters not how much you shout and goad,
The more one remonstrates, the more he teases,
Only kindness will get him on the road.

Hes easier to ride than youve suspected,
Between his humps the biggest man can fit,
He takes his time, and when hes disaffected
He has an irksome tendency to spit.

If ever you are in Egypt or Saudi,
And see a camel shop in a bazaar,
Smile at the camel trader and say: Howdy!
Then ask him if he can rent you a car.

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