You married me my sweet for what I am, a millionaire,
But Sugar Daddy loves you for he knows you really care,
Youíre his sweet, lovely, precious girl, with you none can compare.

Although Iím so much older, youíve no time for younger men,
And how youíll live when I am gone is quite beyond your ken,
But you should think about the future every now and then.

Sugar Daddy loves you, and he bought you a big car,
And diamond rings,
And pretty things,
And feeds you caviar.

You drink champagne, expensive wine, and dine in restaurants,
You rub shoulders with politicians, film stars, debutantes...
Your Daddy really spoils you, gives you everything you want.

My precious girlís a butterfly, so delicate and fine,
It makes me very smug and satisfied to think sheís mine.
My angel, come down to Earth, so beautiful, so divine.

Daddy loves you, little girl, exactly how you are,
But if you want, just say the word, and Iíll make you a star,
Iíll turn my angel into a queen of the cinema.

And if that doesnít work out, well, youíll make your name in pop,
Iíll make my girl a singing star, and guide her to the top,
And if that doesnít work either, will that mean youíre a flop?

Of course not, weíll find something else to turn your talents to,
The public have no taste, thatís why they donít rave over you,
But Daddy does, he worships you, and everything you do.

Iíll make you a star, I promise, but later, not today,
Let me have you all to myself, letís lock ourselves away.
I love you so much, Butterfly, so delicate and fine,
It makes me very smug and satisfied to think youíre mine.

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