Notes And References

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(12) A plate between pages 176 and 177 of Golden’s book shows part of Conley’s affidavit; it is captioned For the first time in the South, a Negro’s affidavit brought a white man to trial on a capital charge.
(13) As I know from personal experience.
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(27) For all the media hype about the evils of racism the most appalling crime rate in the United States is the murder of young black men by other young black men, and as I write these words a series of such motiveless killings has spread to London.
(28) Farrakhan has made two big mistakes in recent years: his fawning over (now convicted) rapist Mike Tyson and his even more bizarre endorsement of acquitted double murderer (and miscegenist) O.J. Simpson. A man like Tyson who lures a six stone black girl to his hotel room and then rapes her, and a lowlife like Simpson, are hardly the sort of role models a Black Separatist organisation should seek to defend, much less promote.
(29) Foxman, Why Jews Shouldn’t Meet With Farrakhan, (op cit).

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