The Biggest Liar Who Ever Walked The Earth


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The following is the text of a speech that was delivered to the thirtieth meeting of the New Right, in Central London, on December 18, 2010. This is the fifth time I have spoken at one of these meetings, so I figured it was about time I covered this subject.

On October 30, 2009, I published an article called GERRY GABLE: The Biggest Liar Who Ever Walked The Earth on my SearchlightArchive website. Although that article covers some of the same ground, this is a far more detailed analysis of this odious individual, and includes an overview of his career as a professional hatemonger as well as some previously unpublished material.

I was told by organiser Troy Southgate that I would be the second speaker; in view of the appalling weather, I decided to leave home early, and after a fry up breakfast in the local caff, I took the train into Central London, and spent a couple of hours at the British Library researching Noël Coward and 1970s chart music before making my way to the venue. When I arrived I was told I had been promoted to keynote speaker, the heavy snow having defeated the other two speakers, and, it appeared, a considerable number of the audience. The cameraman was missing too, but Lady Renouf was at hand, and videoed the entire proceedings.

The British-born Islamic scholar James Dickie/Yaqub Zaki made the second speech, and in addition to acting as Master of Ceremonies, Adrian Davies gave an impromptu half hour talk on Revisionist History from a French perspective, covering not the usual contentious issues of fact but the reality of collaboration, the French Resistance, and the post-war consequences for those who had, for whatever reason, gone along with the Nazi Occupation. Adrian is by profession a lawyer, and in the courtroom a fearless defender of the most untouchable of pariahs. But after this performance he can add historian, philosopher and raconteur to his CV.

As Adrian went out of his way to say nice things about me, I will add that I have now known him for some considerable time, and that he is a true gentleman, both inside and outside of politics as well as a formidable intellect.

A note or two on my presentation. It was delivered with the use of a few props, including a specially printed T-Shirt, a false nose, and a policeman’s helmet. The speech as it appears here is how it was intended to be delivered, however, unlike Yaqub and Adrian, I can’t speak for thirty minutes off the top of my head, so there will have been the odd glitch in the text. This though, should be taken as the definitive version. I have added citations and a few scans.


December 21, 2010

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