Beware, The One-Eyed God!

Beware, the one-eyed god!
Heíll steal your mind and soul,
Fear him more than the rod,
He swallows children whole!

A realm of fantasy
Inside your living room.
With endless imagery
For schoolkids to consume.

But careful little man,
And you too, ma filette,
That itís not Tom or Anne
Or Dick instead gets ate.

Beware also of eyes
Once round becoming square,
And never compromise
With homework, have a care!

Take prep upstairs to do,
Your first priority;
To scholarship be true,
Then you may watch TV.

But never once forget,
If you indulge this vice,
The evil youíll beget,
And the terrible price.

The price youíll have to pay,
Square eyes that ache with sores,
And worse, should you fall prey
To the godís ever-open jaws.

An hour here, an hour there
Is quite sufficient, any more, beware!

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