A Primer For Children And Young People


I am most grateful to Brian Grant for allowing me to steal many of his ideas, which have been incorporated into this short study. Also to Gerry and Graham for their continuing support. And to Ray, homophobe supreme.

To The Young Reader

Round about the beginning of 1989, I had been unemployed for some time, and placed an advertisement in a London freesheet seeking work. I’d done this before and had received a number of crank phone calls, so when a guy rang asking me if I’d like to beat him for thirty quid, my first thought was to put the phone down. Much to my surprise, I didn’t. At the time I’d been studying sexual perversion, so perhaps that was what caught my interest. (1) This guy may have been a pervert, but he could talk, and as he described his depraved sexual practices in lurid detail, a germ of an idea entered my head. Perhaps I could sell this story to the press. (2) Saying that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to whip anyone but I’d like to meet him anyway, we arranged a rendezvous for the following Sunday. (3) I duly turned up outside Turnham Green underground station with a micro-cassette concealed in my shirt pocket.

When we met, I was rather surprised to find that my host was a good looking, intelligent, ex-public schoolboy. (His phone manner had indicated an educated person, but then so does mine!) We went back to his flat where he explained in even more lurid detail what his sexual practices entailed. He told me he was bisexual but preferred men to girls, which made me feel a shade uncomfortable, then he showed me his chains, a massive dildo, and all sorts of other bizarre impediments. I declined his invitation to beat him – it wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I was afraid that once I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. He talked freely about both his perversion and his partners, including the most scurrilous gossip about his and other people’s exploits with a number of public figures, gossip which no one in his right mind would put into print. He did however produce proof that he wasn’t a totally brazen liar, the business card of a former MP.

About three years later I had cause to interview a number of homosexuals in connection with my researches into the bizarre sexual exploits of a prominent fascist, whom I later discovered to be an agent of political Zionism. I interviewed one of these creatures over drinks in a West End bar, in the course of which he boasted to me that he made a thousand pounds a month part time selling his services as an “escort”. It was only by a Herculean effort of self-restraint that I managed to avoid smashing my glass on the table and grinding it into his face.

Which brings me to a close friend of mine. He has had a very miserable life, suffers from a nervous disorder, and has been unemployed for a long time. Mostly for these reasons he hasn’t had much of a sex life, and gets frustrated, lonely and very depressed because he fears he will never have a girlfriend. I told him about the masochist and the rent boy whore, and said that whenever he felt depressed in future he should think of them, then he’d realise that there are far worse things in life than living without sex, far worse things than loneliness, far worse things than unhappiness, and far, far worse things than never having any money. I offer the same advice to you.

What Does “Gay” Mean?

Sex education has changed radically over the past two decades. Sex and the sexual act (fucking) is discussed with a frankness that would at one time have seemed inconceivable. This is good news for the young, but it is a colossal fallacy that all change means progress. The most talked about sexual phenomenon in recent years has without doubt been AIDS. Most of the explicitness of sex education in the past decade has come about due to the advent of this disease. And much of the disinformation.

We will discuss AIDS later, but first we will discuss homosexuality proper. The word most widely used by the media nowadays to describe the sexual perversion of homosexuality is gay. The word gay first appeared in print to describe a “homosexual boy” as far back as 1933. In 1955, the English journalist Peter Wildblood defined gay as “An American euphemism for homosexual”. (4) A euphemism is a polite way of saying something unpleasant, so for instance instead of saying that somebody died, you say that he passed away. And instead of referring to somebody as a dirty, shit-stabbing sodomite, you say he is gay. Here though we will compromise and refer to these reservoirs of filth – homosexuals – as queers.

Why Are Queers Called Gay?

There is no single reason the media increasingly refers to homosexuals as gay rather than queer. But one reason is undoubtedly that the homosexual movement is extremely well organised, and has made powerful allies and friends who lobby on its behalf and as a quid pro quo. The most powerful of these is the misnamed anti-fascist movement. Their argument goes something like this: the Nazis persecuted the Jews and murdered many of them, they also persecuted and murdered homosexuals. The claim is also made that the Nazis sent homosexuals to the “gas chambers”. The implication is that “persecuting” queers is every bit as evil as persecuting Jews. There are two fallacies in this argument. Firstly, just because the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews was evil doesn’t mean that their so-called persecution of queers was also evil. The Nazis also “persecuted” thieves, traitors and sundry lowlife. Persecuting a group on account of its members’ sexual perversion is not akin to persecuting a group on account of its race or religion, which is both ignorant and stupid. People who compare the “oppression” of homosexuals to the persecution of the Jews by Nazi Germany are insulting the dead.

In the second place, what the anti-fascist movement has conveniently forgotten today is that at this time homosexuality was held in contempt and disgust by the overwhelming majority of the population (5) including most committed anti-fascists. Hence the 1930s anti-Blackshirt chant “Hitler and Mosley, what are they for? Thuggery, buggery, murder and war!”

Another reason for the upsurge in the totally undeserved respect shown to the poison of homosexuality is the triumph of Marxism – and the concept of class struggle – in academia. One would have thought that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the new era of Perestroika would have consigned Karl Marx and his crackpot philosophy to the dustbin of history where they both belong. However, “intellectuals” – and that includes teachers and lecturers – find the Marxian doctrine of centralised planning extremely appealing, primarily because it allows them to plan everybody else’s lives. The contemporary Marxist view is that minorities are “oppressed”. (6) Women are said to be an oppressed minority, which is rather strange since there are more women than men! Blacks, non-whites generally, the disabled, and so on, all are oppressed by the supposedly vicious capitalist system. And so are queers.

Is Homosexuality Natural?

No, it is not. One can argue that homosexuality occurs in nature and is not the result either of artifice or divine intervention, therefore it must be natural. But this is not what most people mean by natural. This is known as the fallacy of equivocation, using a word in two different contexts in order wilfully to confuse the issue. (7) Murder is also natural, so is cancer, so is bubonic plague. Like homosexuality, they are also to be avoided.

Is It True That
Homosexuals Abuse Children?

There are many myths about homosexuals besides the myth of their being gay. One of these is that they are, or are inclined to be, child molesters. With the caveat that, by definition, no one who molests children can be considered “normal”, it is probably true that child molesters are just as inclined to be disturbed – or evil – heterosexuals as homosexuals. Having said that, it is an acknowledged fact that the organised paedophile movement in this country was founded from within the organised homosexual movement. (8)

A note here on paedophiles. While the full extent of such networks has undoubtedly been greatly exaggerated by both the sensationalist gutter press and “Christian” activists like Mary Whitehouse, there can be no doubt that organised paedophile rings do exist, and that they attempt – sometimes successfully – to ensnare and corrupt children. A prominent member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a man named Tom O’Carroll, published a sick book called Paedophilia: The Radical Case as long ago as 1980. In this book, O’Carroll said that he was dismissed from his teaching post for pestering an 11 year old boy and telling him “he loved him”. Subsequently he pestered the boy at home. By his own admission he was the worse for drink at the time, and claims that as a result he was beaten up by a neighbour and a policeman. (A rare instance of justifiable police brutality). (9) Paedophiles often seek work as teachers and similar posts where they exert authority over the young; they then use these positions of power to defile, and sometimes to corrupt, those in their care. This is the kind of sickos they are.

What Percentage Of The Population
Is Homosexual?

In recent years the figure of one in ten has been bandied about with – no pun intended – gay abandon. In February 1993, homosexual activist Peter Tatchell wrote an article in the left wing magazine Briefing in which he claimed that: “10 per cent of the population is exclusively or predominantly queer...”, (his word), and that “15 per cent are bisexual for all or part of their lives”, while “25-35 per cent have at least one homosexual experience leading to orgasm during their lifetime...” (10) An equally absurd claim was made on an Adult Oprah talk show which was broadcast in the UK on Saturday, 20th March, 1993. (Oprah Winfrey is a popular talk show hostess in the United States). The programme had a largely pro-homosexual audience; at one point, one of them, who was obviously queer himself, stood up and claimed that 25 million Americans were homosexuals or lesbians. Oprah Winfrey appeared to accept this figure, or at best, she failed to challenge it.

Although homosexuals and their fellow travellers continue to use such outrageous figures, they obviously have no basis in fact. Mere personal observation should be enough to convince any schoolboy that one person in ten he passes in the street is not any sort of faggot. Tatchell and others cite the Kinsey report (11) as a vindication of the widespread nature of their perversion. The argument is of course that if so many people do it that it can’t be wrong. Again, this is fallacious; many people break the law. There are literally millions of people in Britain with criminal records, but that doesn’t mean that crime is “normal” or that it should be socially acceptable. These statistics are in any case bogus. A full discussion of the nonsense of Dr Alfred Kinsey and his fellow travellers would take us far afield, but here are a couple of examples of his technique, and that of his acolytes.

Of boys raised on farms, Kinsey et al say that “about 17 per cent experience orgasm as the product of animal contacts...after the onset of adolescence”. (12) And “ should be recalled that exactly the same sort of affectional relationship is developed in many a household where there are pets; and it is not uncommon for persons, everywhere in our society, to become considerably upset at the loss of a pet dog or cat which has been in the home for some period of time.” (13)

Kinsey was a sicko who believed that animal contacts were normal. In the first example, are we really expected to believe that one kid in five who is raised on a farm ends up fucking sheep? In the second, Kinsey was obviously unable to distinguish between such things as comradeship, friendship, compassion, affection, and perhaps even patriotism. Essentially he is suggesting that there is no difference between the love one may feel for one’s father, say, and for one’s girlfriend, or the affection one feels for a close friend and for a dog.

Again, this is the fallacy of equivocation. One author has summed up this sort of nonsense poetically. Writing of journalist and agony aunt Claire Rayner, Stephen Green says that she uses the word love too loosely for us to know whether she means friendship, affection, commitment, or ten minutes in a public convenience. (14)

As I write these words the Leader of the Opposition, John Smith, is reported dead of a heart attack at the age of fifty-five. Tributes have been flooding in from colleagues, Labour Party supporters and even from political opponents. Many such people who have been interviewed on TV in this connection have been visibly distressed. John Smith was obviously a much loved man. According to Kinsey, this show of affection and respect is akin to animal contacts. Further comment would be superfluous.

So, what percentage of the population is queer if not ten per cent? Probably about one per cent. (15) It’s difficult to state with any precision because like so many “oppressed” minorities, queers make a noise out of all proportion to their actual numbers. They are also concentrated in several large cities, in particular London and Manchester. Brighton is also infested with them, but if you live in a Devon village you may never see a queer. (16)

Are Kids Today
Being Indoctrinated
By Homosexual Propaganda,
And If So, How?

The answer to the first question is yes, very much so. The first step of the indoctrination process is to use their sick terminology. Don’t ever use the word gay for queer. Ever. This particular brand of newspeak (17) is sick and insidious. Academics especially have fallen for queer propaganda en masse. A book published in the United States and edited by a PhD gives an insight into the way they have been seduced by this poison. Gay and Lesbian Youth, which was published in 1989, asserts that of the 30 million young people in the US between the ages of 10 and 20, 10% “are felt to be predominantly or exclusively homosexual”. (18) It doesn’t take much effort to recognise Kinsey’s influence here. The reality is that a ten year old boy would find it difficult to get a hard-on, much less to understand the concept of homosexuality. It is amazing that such lies, claptrap and poison can be peddled by anyone with a university education. On page 9, the word homophobia is defined as “the fear and hatred of homosexuality”. Again, this is using the language of the enemy.

Other, far less subtle attempts have been made and are still being made, by homosexuals and their fellow travellers, to spread their poison into schools. To this end a number of sick pro-homosexual books have been published in recent years: three of these are Jenny lives with Eric and Martin; Daddy’s Roommate; and How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay? (19) The first of these (originally published in Danish) was translated into English in 1983 by an obnoxious homosexual publishing house called Gay Men’s Press [sic]. It portrays a young girl living with her father and his male “lover”. More disgusting even than this is the fact that this publisher was part funded with public money. (20) Daddy’s Roommate is a similar piece of trash, while How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay? is sodomy with an ethnic flavour. The central character in the book is a young black girl whose father lives with his fellow faggot. (21) Such gay “families” as portrayed in these books do not exist.

Another, more general method of indoctrination, is aimed at the entire population. This concerns the way homosexuals are portrayed in the media. Apart from the limp-wristed, “fairy” types, (22) homosexuals are generally portrayed as good-looking, intelligent, and often (as some women say) “hunks”. Such images are totally at odds with the reality of homosexuality.

What Do Homosexuals Do
That’s So Bad?

You’re not so dumb you don’t have any idea what queers do; every schoolboy has heard lavatory jokes about bum boys, but there’s a lot more to being queer than that. Here then is a very brief resumé of everyday homosexual behaviour:

Anal sex (sodomy, buggery, arse-fucking, shit-stabbing) is one of the principal pastimes of queers. The idea that shagging someone’s arse is analogous to normal sex is patently false. As one author points out, the anus was never intended by nature to be a receptacle because “When sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures.” (23) The fact that many heterosexuals practice occasional sodomy is neither here nor there.

Anilingus, usually referred to as rimming, is one of the most disgusting and dangerous of their vile practices. This involves licking the rim of the anus, and often ingesting faecal matter – in other words, eating shit. Many homosexuals do this anyway, or if they don’t actually eat shit they defecate on each other; this bizarre practice is known as scat. And “Urination into the mouth and over the bleeding body of the likewise a common practice.” (24) This is known as golden showers or water sports.

You may be tempted in your schoolboyish way to dismiss all this as a laugh. Sure, we’ve all told dirty jokes, and it’s great fun, part of the process of growing up, but joking about people eating shit is one thing, people actually doing so is quite another. The same applies to all the disgusting, sordid and unnatural practices of homosexuals.

Another obscene practice these human dung beetles engage in is known as fisting or hand-balling; this involves inserting the hand or fist into the anus. While it is difficult to believe that a fist can be inserted into a human anus, it is impossible to believe that it can be done so safely. And of course, it can’t. “In some cases, the damage from fisting is so extensive that a sphincterectomy or colostomy must be performed. Some individuals have then had sodomy performed through the colostomy opening, causing further damage.” (25) It would be difficult to imagine that any human being could sink to lower depths of depravity than this. As well as fists, homosexuals also insert toys into the anus: dildoes, vibrators etc. This can and does lead to serious internal damage; in particular puncturing of the intestinal wall and seepage of faecal matter into the abdomen, which can result in death.

An American publication said of sex toys that “Most are small, but physicians have removed such large items as a six-ounce Coca-Cola bottle, an entire pencil, and a vibrator head.” The record must be an after-shaving lotion bottle 14.2cm in length, 21.5cm circumference. (26) The other perverted practices homosexuals engage in include sado-masochism. Again, this is a subject which provokes much schoolboy humour: “Hit me said the masochist.” “No”, said the sadist, and stuff like that, but in the real world it’s no joke. These people are sick, twisted, and they often end up seriously injuring or murdering someone, or being seriously injured or murdered themselves.

Another thing which distinguishes homosexual behaviour from heterosexuality is the extraordinary and quite disgusting promiscuity of homosexuals. Some normal men patronise prostitutes, and of course, some women become whores, but the degree of anonymous sexual encounters amongst homosexuals beggars belief.

One unrepentant and totally shameless faggot has written: “Large-scale luxurious pleasure palaces where everyone is potentially an immediate sexual partner are a common sexual fantasy; only for gay men they are a commonplace reality...Men in bathhouses rarely talk much, and it is quite common for sex to take place without words, let alone names, being exchanged.” (27)

The same author (Dennis Altman) attempts to justify such filth and squalor by claiming that “The willingness to have sex immediately, promiscuously, and with people about whom one knows nothing and from whom one demands only physical contact can be seen as a sort of Whitmanesque democracy, a desire to know and trust other men in a type of brotherhood.” (28)

As well as bathhouses, homosexuals often engage in totally anonymous sex in public toilets – a practice known as cottaging – and in public parks and elsewhere. The personal columns of homosexual publications are crammed full of advertisements advertising the services of male whores – rent boys – and perverts seeking similarly depraved individuals for mutual satisfaction.

We could write a great deal more about the cancer that is homosexuality and the human dung beetles who practise it, but if you haven’t got the message by now, you never will. This is what these slime and the people they have indoctrinated call gay. The latter may well include your teacher, and even perhaps your local vicar! (29)

What If I’m Queer Myself?

We have already seen how some academics have swallowed the bogus Kinsey report hook, line and sinker. In December 1980 the so-called Joint Council For Gay Teenagers [sic] published an eight page pamphlet called Gay Youth Groups, the purpose of which was to “advise” on the setting up and running of such groups. The National Association of Youth Clubs was said to be generally keen to support gay youth groups. (30) Again, this is pure indoctrination. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HOMOSEXUAL TEENAGER.

In recent months, the organised homosexual movement has been lobbying vociferously, and sometimes violently, for a reduction in the age of consent. When you’re sixteen or seventeen the age of consent may seem unnecessary or even insulting. By then you’ll have realised that there are many adults who are less capable of making decisions about their lives than a lot of people your age or younger, and this and the sometimes patronising behaviour of adults – especially parents – can really piss you off. The reality though is that while you must make decisions about your future education at this age, you are not capable of making decisions about your personal life, at least not those sort of decisions. The proof of any pudding is in the eating. Ask any older person and he will tell you, if he is honest, that some of the things he did when he was young, or wanted to do, seem crazy in retrospect. (This applies equally to women, of course).

Teenagers in particular are prone to flights of fancy, and to fashions and fads. You may literally worship a football team or a rock star. You may also find yourself attracted to an older person, not necessarily of the opposite sex. Such an attraction can install a sense of guilt or confusion in, especially, the young male. But such “crushes” are a long way from sexual attraction. They can be based on all sorts of things. The idea that because a young person is attracted to someone of the same sex that person must be queer can be summed up in three words: PURE HOMOSEXUAL PROPAGANDA.

This notwithstanding, there remains the possibility that you are genetically predisposed towards homosexuality. But this doesn’t mean you have to become queer. There are two positive alternatives for any young person who is tempted to live his life as a dung beetle: total abstinence and seeking professional help. The fact that some people are or appear to be predisposed towards homosexuality doesn’t mean they have to surrender to these perverted urges. Many people are born with violent tendencies. If they don’t learn to control them they often end up in prison. Needless to say, if people can learn to control a tendency to behave violently, or to steal, or to act in some other anti-social manner, they can be trained not to engage in depraved sexual practices too. In the United States there are groups which encourage homosexuals to opt out rather than to “come out”. There is one group called Homosexuals Anonymous which is run by former homosexuals along the same lines as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. For details of such groups in Britain you should consult your doctor in the first instance. In the final analysis, if you still find yourself attracted to other men and have no interest in the opposite sex, you can still abstain. Many people live otherwise fulfilling lives without sex, finding satisfaction through their work, their hobbies and other interests.

If After All This
I Still Decide To Become
A Practising Homosexual,
What’s In It For Me?

Shame. Social ostracism. Filth. Squalor. Disease. Violence. And an early death. In spite of attempts to “normalise” homosexuality, most ordinary, decent people are still revolted by it. Now that you know a little about homosexual practices you’ll understand why. The fact that nowadays people generally tolerate homosexuals and pay lip service to gay “rights” should not be interpreted as evidence that they like them. They certainly don’t like what they do. If you do “come out” as a homosexual you will receive far fewer social invitations, your crowd of friends will shrink, you will find yourself the butt of cruel jokes, ridicule and rumour, and will become stigmatised. If you work in certain professions you will find promotion blocked; you may even lose your job. For example, who wants to employ someone preparing food in the knowledge that the previous evening he may have had his fist up another man’s arse?

The filth and squalor need no explaining. One thing we haven’t covered so far in this publication is homosexually transmitted diseases. The big one of course is AIDS. In spite of a massive disinformation campaign by the organised homosexual movement and their friends in the media, there can be no doubt whatsoever that AIDS is primarily a disease of homosexually related filth. An excellent example of media disinformation is the so-called Terrence Higgins Trust. Ostensibly an AIDS charity, it is in reality little more than a propaganda machine for the organised homosexual movement. Staffed largely by militant homos and screaming queens, its “educational” literature is blatant, pro-homosexual propaganda, factually inaccurate and often obscene. In their attempts to divert attention from their role in spreading this terrible disease, AIDS, (31) homosexuals have tried to shift the blame onto other groups, in particular Africans and Haitians. (32) They have also tried to spread the fiction that we are all equally at risk. (33) The reality of course is that most of us are not at risk. However, that does not mean that we should engage in promiscuous sex. It is still possible to catch AIDS from a member of the opposite sex. Many “homosexuals” are really bisexuals, and most of those who are don’t broadcast the fact. There are also many other sexually transmitted diseases which can be contracted through normal sex: gonorrhoea and syphilis to name but two.

Writing in 1986, the Chief Rabbi, Sir Immanuel (later Lord) Jakobowits, called for the eradication of disgusting euphemisms such as gay “that make perversions acceptable”. He said that AIDS was a consequence of rather than a punishment for sin: “the inevitable price for moral negligence or turpitude”. (34) This sums up not just AIDS but all sexually transmitted diseases and all the consequences of homosexual vice.

AIDS destroys the immune system, as you probably know, but immune suppression can also result from anal sex. Sodomy can also literally wear out the arsehole; this results in leakage of faecal matter which requires the sufferer to wear a sanitary towel. This is of course unhygienic for other people as well as dangerous for the sodomite himself.

An early death is virtually guaranteed for homosexuals. Their extreme promiscuity coupled with the disgusting nature of their practices makes it almost inevitable that active homosexuals will contract, if not AIDS, then some other vile, terminal disease. Michael Fumento reports that some homosexuals “racked up” as many as 20,000 sexual partners! (35) This would surely make it statistically impossible not to contract something. It really is a miracle that all active homosexuals aren’t infested with AIDS and similar diseases, instead of just most of them. Another disease worth mentioning in its own right is hepatitis B. This is both highly infectious and endemic in homosexuals.

The champion skater John Curry died aged 44; the bisexual rock star and libertine Freddie Mercury died aged 45; Oscar Wilde, the most celebrated faggot of the 19th Century, died aged 46 of acute brain inflammation brought on by an ear infection, probably as the result of his earlier encounters with Victorian rent boys. Curry and Mercury were AIDS victims, but even without AIDS or disease, homosexuals are prone to die young through violence. And however much they may whine and wail about homophobia and violence against their kind by normal people, most of them die at the hands of other queers.

Three of the world’s most notorious serial killers in recent times have been homosexuals. The recently executed John Wayne Gacy murdered thirty-three young men and boys, not all of them homosexual. Scottish-born London civil servant Dennis Nilsen was not only a homosexual serial killer but a necrophiliac and cannibal, while perhaps the most horrific of all was the ghoulish Jeffrey Dahmer. Another recent case was that of Colin Ireland, who murdered five homosexuals. Ireland himself was not homosexual but selected queers for extermination partly out of disgust and partly because they are easy prey on account of their lifestyle.

Yet another modern homosexual serial killer was Italian-born, London-based Michael Lupo, whose case is worth mentioning in some detail. Lupo, a successful hairdresser, was by all accounts the sort of man who could have had any woman he wanted within reason. Instead he was a homosexual sadist who was into the strangulation scene. (36) In July 1987, Lupo, who was suffering from AIDS, was jailed for life for murdering four people: three homosexuals and an innocent tramp. He was said to have become a serial killer because “he started to feel revolted by what he had become”. As well as the four murders, Lupo was convicted of two attempted murders; it was one of his victims who identified him, a man named David Cole. (37) After being half-strangled, Cole contacted the so-called Gay Switchboard about the incident. He claimed that these sickos advised him not to go to the police, even though they knew a homosexual serial killer was at large in the capital. These are the kind of people who are forever denouncing the police as bigots, don’t forget. However proud and “out” militant homosexuals may claim to be about their perversion, their actions often indicate otherwise. (38) Again, the bizarre lifestyle of homosexuals makes them easy prey for monsters like Lupo.

A more prosaic case was that of the playwright and shameless faggot John Kingsley (Joe) Orton, who was murdered at the age of 34 by his 41 year old male “lover” Kenneth Halliwell on August 9th, 1967. Halliwell battered Orton to death and killed himself with a drug overdose. Halliwell was clearly a man tortured by his sexuality, unlike Orton, who wallowed in his own poison. Orton’s diaries, edited by John Lahr, were published posthumously in 1986. They contain boastful accounts of his abuse of boys in Tangier and of sexual encounters with complete strangers in public toilets and elsewhere. (39)

The Choice Is Yours

It is a truism that we all have free will, it is also a truism that some people are born poor, dumb and unlucky. Even so, most of us know the difference between right and wrong, and we can surely all recognise sin. Most of us can’t avoid making mistakes or doing wrong now and again, but no one has to sin. Homosexual practices are sinful in the extreme; if there is such a place as Hell, surely its hottest spot is reserved for those human dung beetles and maggots who call themselves gay and who wallow in the perversion and poison of homosexuality. Over the next few years, you will doubtless meet many people – straights as well as queers – who will try to persuade you that homosexuality is in fact gay, and that it is people like the current writer who are evil, bigoted and disgusting. But forewarned is forearmed. Don’t be afraid to debate with such people, but bear in mind what is written here.

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