Dear Supporter,

My case against the Metropolitan Police which was scheduled for hearing before Judge Butter at Central London County Court, August 9, will now not take place. I have though managed to obtain two thousand pounds damages plus costs, which has to count for something.

To recap, this action resulted from a raid by a so-called detective by the name of Christopher Martin Chainey, who was then working for the Company Fraud Department which is based at Holborn Police Station. Chainey seized my computer on May 26, 1993 and retained it for six months. An application under the Police Property Act was rejected by Clerkenwell Magistrates as was a Judicial Review application of the decision.

I was never charged with any offence as a result of that raid, which was itself the result of a false and malicious complaint by the usual suspects, one of whom has now been identified as a certain Mike Whine, the unregistered agent of an alien government and fascistic ideology (political Zionism).

In November 1993, veteran hatemonger Gerry Gable published a defamatory article about me in his self-styled anti-fascist magazine, “Searchlight”, and shortly after that, on November 28, three men turned up on my doorstep with mallets. As a result of that I was hospitalised and issued a libel writ against Gable, which I served at the House of Commons as he was about to give “evidence” to the Home Affairs Committee “investigating” racial attacks [sic]. Whine was present at this hearing and I’ve no doubt that he was just as unamused as Gable when the incident happened. I was subsequently ejected from the House for contempt, and a special issue of Hansard was printed just for me!

After my computer was returned I sought an opinion from Counsel, a well meaning but none too competent barrister, concerning an action against the police. He actually gave me two opinions, both of which concluded that I had been arrested lawfully and that therefore no action could be taken. Subsequently I was referred to John Orme, who as well as a barrister is a former Isle of Man MP. He found a cause of action for trespass of goods, and a writ was eventually issued against the police for such.

The Met engaged Bircham’s and fought the action all the way, although they did pay a thousand pounds into court fairly early on. As well as retaining my computer for six months, heavy-handedness had resulted in its being damaged almost beyond repair. Four files had also been erased professionally from the computer. Chainey denied this but it was no coincidence that the files related to the self-styled Revisionist Historian David Irving. They contained interviews with four young homosexual men I’d tracked down after my distasteful encounter with Irving following the visit of Fred Leuchter to Britain, which had resulted in Irving sending meoff on a wild goose chase. (1) It was undoubtedly Chainey who brought this matter to the attention of Whine and Gable with whom he obviously shares personal as well as political and racial affiliations.

I lodged a complaint against Chainey, in particular I accused him of passing on information about me to Gable which he had obtained from the Police National Computer. My complaint was followed up in the usual methodical manner and the de rigueur reply was received: no evidence, no action to be taken. Attempts were made, and are still being made, to portray me as a paranoid conspiracy crank, which is rather ironic because on December 3, 1996 Chainey signed a ten page witness statement in my consolidated libel actions against Gable. Not only had he agreed to appear as a witness for the defence but in that witness statement he disclosed information which had been obtained from his investigation in breach of PACE, and all the ethics of policing, as far as policemen have ethics. (2)

Chainey is now attached to the Organised Crime Group at New Scotland Yard, and it is probably no coincidence that this little group of schemers has caused me so much aggravation since 1996, including a fit-up which nearly resulted in having me sent down for several years and totally destroying me in the process. Fortunately for me though these people have now gone way over the top; for legal reasons I cannot comment further on the current state of play, although I will keep you posted re any developments.

Several weeks ago my enthusiastic if not entirely competent solicitor wrote to Bircham’s asking them to increase their offer. They offered a further thousand which Orme advised me not to accept. By this time we had submitted an expert report - which had not be challenged - so there was no doubt that I would win the case, the only matter to be decided would be the quantum of damages. They didn’t though pay anything further into court, at least I didn’t think they had. Yesterday afternoon though Counsel phoned me and said they had in fact paid a further thousand into court as long ago as July 9.

He was still of the opinion that I would be awarded more than two thousand pounds but advised me to accept the offer to protect myself on costs. I would like to have obtained a judgment against the Met but two thousand is two thousand. On top of that it’s not as if this money comes out of their own pockets so for the sake of another thousand or so, or perhaps only a few hundred, I didn’t think I could justify the extra time and effort. Another consideration in my accepting the payment is that after their latest try-on last year I have another cause of action against the Met, this time the much stronger one of false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, and we intend to press on with that forthwith.

According to a recent report in the black newspaper The Voice, in 1996 there were 248 cases brought against the Met resulting in pay outs of over two million pounds. In 1997, 305 cases led to pay outs of £2.65 million and in 1998, 456 cases resulted in payouts of £3.34 million. It is not clear if this includes costs but even if it is inclusive it’s one hell of a lot of money. One victim of what appears to have been obsessive police harassment was estate agent Colin Tomlinson. In September 1994 he was assaulted and temporarily blinded in one eye, though an operation saved his sight. He received a settlement said to be around a hundred thousand; the Met settled at the court door with no admission of liability and no officer was as much as suspended. (3)

Although I am by and large skeptical of allegations of police brutality, so-called “noble cause corruption” is rife, something I have been the victim of more than once. Though the matter dating from 1993 has now been settled - not entirely to my dissatisfaction - I have some way to go before I am entirely satisfied that this business is over for good. At least as far as I am concerned, I can’t say the same for some of the unfortunates I have met on my travels, some of who are still behind bars to this day.

Once again, I thank you all for your support and will keep you posted re further developments. Or you may even read about them in the national press!

Alexander Baron,

August 7, 1999,

InƒoText Manuscripts,
c/o 93c Venner Road,
London SE26 5HU.

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