The two letters below were published in the Locomotive Journal, April 1981, page 8 and May 1981, page 12 respectively. The first was written by me; the second was a reply of sorts, the type of which I have grown accustomed to over the past thirty years; it doesn't actually say anything, but the innuendo is clear: don't listen to this guy, he is a bigot and is tainted; if you even give him the time of day, you will likewise become tainted.

I will admit that at the time I wrote this letter I was still fairly politically naïve; for one thing I - like many far more enlightened people - thought the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was the next domino, and that the Soviet Union was almost on the verge of obtaining world dominion. Boy, did I get that one wrong? But shortly after writing this letter I read Antony Sutton's National Suicide: Military Aid To The Soviet Union. Three decades on, the thesis of this book has not been substantially challenged.

I remember at the time mentioning this to Dave Nichol, who unlike Steve Skeet was a mainstream Labour supporter. I remember too his response: “The irony of capitalism” as if that somehow explained or even excused the Soviet murder machine and apparatus of repression.

I could write much more in this vein, but it will suffice to say that when Professor Butz alluded to the so-called Holocaust as the hoax of the Twentieth Century, he really hadn't a clue what he was talking about. True, it is the one over which the most hysteria was and continues to be, generated, but some of the lies which the gullible goyim, and equally gullible non-goyim have been and continue to be fed, beggar belief.


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