As You Really Are

I ainít no prima donna,
But my ice ainít gonna thaw,
I ainít no jerk,
Nor berk,
I just donít like you anymore.

Your kind are artificial,
Your smile is a veneer;
Beneath the superficial
There lies a soulless leer.

It wasnít till I caught you
Unaware and off your guard
That I saw you how I ought to:
Mask of wax, eyes diamond hard.

With a wantonness and malice
Like a leopard out to slay,
Less a vamp or spiteful Alice
Than a female Gilles de Rais.

When youíre happy and youíre smiling
Youíre a mistress of finess;
When you cease to be beguiling,
You have only ugliness.

Be most kind to me and charming,
Act the way you know I like,
Call me lover, precious darling,
But in vain; youíre not my type.

No, it isnít me whoís altered,
Thatís a fact of which Iím sure,
I havenít changed,
Iím still the same,
I just donít like you anymore.

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