An Antidote To Xenophobia

I see him coming down the hill,
Who he is I know not,
Nor do I know from whence he comes,
Or how he finds his lot.

He may have had a lengthy trek,
I canít tell from this distance,
But if he needs a helping hand
Iíll offer him assistance.

I donít know his religion,
I canít yet tell his colour,
But heís a man like me,
And I will greet him as a brother.

Yes, I will greet him as a brother,
And a friend most true,
For everybody is the same:
White, black, Gentile and Jew.

I go into the house, put on
My heavy boots and coat,
But as I move towards him,
A lump comes into my throat.
For now heís nearly here,
I see my brother is a goat.

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