Anti-Apartheid Movement
Official Appeal
For The Promotion Of
Racial Harmony And Peace
In Southern Africa


Twenty pence buys a copy of Socialist Worker to educate the oppressed workers of the townships.

Fifty pence buys a Molotov cocktail to throw at the racist, fascist South African security forces.

One pound buys a tin of weed killer to make a small bomb.

Three pounds buys a used tyre.

Twenty pounds buys a second hand shotgun to butcher a pig.

One hundred pounds buys a new kit for the Mandela United football team, (knuckle dusters and bjamboks excluded).

Five hundred pounds buys an Armalite rifle.

Ten thousand pounds equips an ANC death squad for a month to kill Afrikaaner trash and further the cause of Black Power in South Africa.

Send your donation to Archbishop Trevor Huddleston c/o Winnie Mandela House, John Harris Buildings, Uhura Plaza, Brixton.

[A somewhat dated poem I found recently lurking on my hard disk! - April 8, 2002]

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