Anonymous (5)

An empty personal life is not a desideratum but a lacuna; love,
personal relationships and sex are like food in one respect, they
nourish the body and the soul, but in another they are not. Also,
like food, they can sometimes be harmful. If the alternatives are
to eat poison or go hungry, sensible people will choose the
latter. Bad love or bad sex is like bad food: poison. Far better
to go without. The difference is that nobody ever died because he
couldn’t get laid or find a girlfriend. So if there is a lacuna
in your life, the thing to do is fill it. I filled mine by wri-
ting, then supplemented this with computers. To date this has
been a very satisfying choice, but there is a vast number of
other choices and an infinite number of permutations. All you
haveto do is decide which ones you want.

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