A Prayer Against The GLC

Dear Lord, watch oíer your worthless lambs,
In England and in foreign lands,
Forgive them, they are sinners all,
Forgive them Lord, forgive them all.
The criminal who steals my purse,
Forgive him Lord, for that and worse,
The junkie, whore and drunken sot,
Forgive them Lord, their sins, the lot.
But Lord, dear Lord, please hear my plea:
Do not forgive the GLC.

Forgive the rapist, he is sick,
Forgive the murdírous lunatic,
Forgive as well the IRA,
Despite the innocents they slay;
The mugger and the mendicant,
The vagabond, itinerant,
Forgive them all their wickedness,
Their baseness and their wantonness;
Forgive my enemies and me,
Our sins, but not the GLC.

Do not forgive their likes and hates,
Their socialism on the rates,
Their pressurising Zola Budd,
Their witch hunting South Africa,
Their dragging London through the mud
In search of their Utopia;
Their subsidising of all those
Who would the Monarchy depose,
Their drive to kill the Nordic race,
And put white consciousness to chase,
Do not forigve them even though
They do support the PLO.

Forgive warmongers and bigots,
And over-reactive zealots,
Forgive Lord Longford acting blindly,
And his creature Myra Hindley,
Forgive the blacks their rioting,
Forgive their pimping and looting,
Forgive extremists left and right,
Those who will never see the light.

Forgive the National Front and CND,
But Lord, please donít forgive the GLC.

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