A Sad, Sad Tale

A leg in each corner: left, right, front and back,
(Except from the animals I used to back),
I lost all my money, and then got the sack,
But at least I was lucky in love.

Three aces back up with two sevens on top,
He raises, I re-raise, now heís for the chop,
But eight to the lady in diamonds heís got!
At least I was lucky in love.

Iím a loser, I am, I do such silly things,
I lose on the roundabouts, then on the swings,
Get suckered finessing to singleton kings!
But at least I was lucky in love.

A resolution:
Goodbye to the horses, the dogs and roulette,
Good riddance to poker, Iíve had my last bet,
Who needs to go gambling, and losing? Donít fret!
For winners are lucky in love.

And I have a woman like no man on Earth,
No money, no diamonds, no gold is she worth,
Sheís priceless, unique, (and so slender in girth),
And I am so lucky in love.

Iíll go home this minute, and solemnly vow
No more will I squander my dole money now,
Iíll find a new job; make her happy, and how!
And glad that, like me, sheís in love.

Yoo hoo, precious darling, itís me dear, Iím home!
I shout as I walk through the door in the gloamí,
Iím hungry for living, my mouth is afoam.
Come mistress, to bed! Letís make love!

I look round the kitchen; my wife isnít there,
A note on the table near whitens my hair,
Iíve left you: Run off with a mill-i-on-aire!
Oh yes, I WAS lucky in love!

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