A Room With A View

Once I had freedom, possessions and you,
But I traded them all for a room with a view,
Iíve nothing left now, but Iím almost at ease,
And it wonít be too long till Iím out of this squeeze.
The things that once matter donít seem to so much,
Except you, your smile, and your scent and your touch.
No longer will I sense that heady perfume
That tells me my Love has walked into the room.
No longer will I feel you holding me tight,
Your tempting caress that says: ďTake me tonight!Ē
No longer will life be rewarding, fulfilled,
Because now youíre gone, all emotion is chilled.
A faint heart now beats in the place of one bold,
A heart that is broken and mortally cold.

My room with a view shows me two feet of sky,
A wall and a fence nearly thirty feet high,
An exercise yard and a backstreet beyond,
A picture of which Iím not overly fond,
But itís not the bars or the locks or the view
That chafe me, thereís nothing here makes me feel pain,
The one thing that hurts me is knowing weíre through
Forever, and youíll never love me again.

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