A Few Bad Men

“The Zionist Occupational Government of America requires willing morons to serve them. ZOG is looking for a few bad men. Are you bad enough? Then see your local nigger hater and sign up. Or if nigger hating is not your forte, your local loud mouth, foul speaking Jew hater. Applicants must be willing to commit senseless acts of vandalism, while occasionally harming innocents who have no idea why they are being brutalized. Must be accustomed to engaging in meaningless pursuits, which have no chance of success. No education or previous experience at anything required. Prefer non-thinkers. For more information dial 1-800-FBI-ADL.” - Quoted in The SEDITIONIST: A QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF SEDITIOUS THOUGHT, Edited by Louis R. Beam, Spring 1991, issue 9, page 4.

I know exactly what you mean, Bill; you too Harry. Yeah, I read the paper every month, but it’s too soft. All this crap about “It’s not the immigrants we hate it’s multi-racialism”, it’s crap, pure crap, you’ve gotta get to the root of the problem, and the Party doesn’t. What is the problem? Everyone knows the problem, everyone knows who controls the government, and the media, let’s face it, that’s the major problem, the media, and who controls that? As if we didn’t all know, oy vay, oy vay, oy vay. Get my drift? They’re the problem, they always have been, it’s them we’ve gotta deal with, and the niggers and the Paki’s, of course. But not the way the Party says.

Did you see that last bulletin he put together? The BNP needs a few good men, he said. I mean, I don’t wanna put JT down, but he’s too polite, too nice. Does he think he’s ever gonna be respectable? That we’ll ever be respectable? No chance, no way, they won’t let us. You know who I mean, don’t yer, lads? Yeah, you know, you’re “Jew-wise”.

Yeah, I know Bill, we’ve gotta recruit quality people, but in the final analysis, we’re fighting a war, and the only way to win a war is by force, brute force, superior force. You think the Yids are interested in reason, in debate, in dealing with us like rational people? And the Paki’s? No, not at all. All this crap that Keith comes out with: it’s better to put a leaflet through a new door than to hold a branch meeting and preach to the converted. It’s all bullshit. The only thing that will ever get us anywhere, that will win us the war, is force, not just force, outright terror. You can’t debate with the Yids, the only thing they understand is Holocaust; the one that’s coming, not the one that didn’t take place before. You can’t debate with niggers, all they understand is mugging white women. You can’t debate with Paki’s, not while they’re buying up all the shops. Force, that’s all they understand.

Look, don’t fall for all that crap about they’re not bad blokes really; I’ve met loads of niggers meself, and Paki’s; I’ve lived amongst ’em, remember? No, they’re not, they’re scum, rubbish, they breed like rats. It’s obvious, they’re not the same as a white man.

Listen, if you wanna do some good, really wanna do some good, make a stand for the white race, I’ll tell you what you gotta do. Listen, come ’ere, closer. You see that Paki sittin’ over there, don’t look too conspicuous, ’e owns an off licence across the road from the bus station. Yeah, that’s the one. He sells videos too, under the counter, know what I mean? Yeah, child porn too, sometimes. That’s the sort of people they are. Yeah, Paki kids as well as white ones. What you wanna do is go an’ sort ’im out. Listen, when ’e leaves ’ere, we’ll follow ’im in the car. He’ll walk ’ome cos he’s ’ad a few drinks; I’ve seen ’im in ’ere before. Anyway, what we do is we pull up behind ’im; you ask ’im for a light, and while ’e’s fishin’ around in ’is pocket for ’is lighter, Bill whacks him over the ’ead wiv ’is cosh.

What, you didn’t bring it tonight? What do you mean you only use it on the reds? Never mind, I’ve got a piece of lead pipe in the car. Yeah, really lay into ’im. So what if you do kill ’im? ’E’s only a Paki, and the police won’t give a fuck, they ’ate ’em as much as we do, more, some of ’em. Another drink? Sure, my round.

Don’t let it bovver yer, Bill. Remember what I said: what the movement needs is a few bad men, not thinkers, namby-pamby intellectuals. Warriors. What? Yeah, ’e’s leavin’. No, we’ll give ’im a couple of minutes’ head start. I know which way ’e goes. Of course it’s the right thing to do; you’re never gonna change the world by doin’ what JT does, but bash a few Paki’s, set an example, and who knows, it could start a trend. Just a sec’, gotta go for a leak; I’ll give the wife a ring too, tell her I’ll be late.

’Ello, Gerry? Yeah, it’s me, Ray. I’m with them now. Yeah, they weren’t too keen at first, but you know me, I could talk Mother Teresa’s knickers off once I’ve ’ad a few jars. Yeah, it’s a Paki this time. I’ll make sure they do ’im good. Your cheque’s in the post? Pull the other one.

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