A Tale Of Two Ex-Cons

Two men were sent to prison
Two thousand years apart,
They had one thing in common:
A message from the heart.

The first man, he was spat on,
Before a court was tried,
Condemned to death and shat on
By being crucified.

But he went on to greater things
Like starting up the Church,
Despite his death and sufferings
He wasnít in the lurch.

The second man created
A kingdom here on Earth,
And though he was berated
He showed them all his worth.

He may have wound up roasted
As did the great JC,
But they could both have boasted
Successful men to be.

Now me, Iím still in prison,
And Iíll never be a king,
I may well face derision,
Heartbreak and suffering.

But they went on to greatness,
Thatís plain for all to see,
Which means, despite my distress
There still is hope for me.

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