The following collection of miscellaneous images was compiled by Yours Truly over a number of years. I will continue to add to it as time permits and fancy dictates.

African magic - sadly, not a cartoon. I believe this was forwarded to me by Tony Hancock.

Alexandra Palace - one of the poker tournaments at the Mindsports; Harold Lee is nearest the camera; Yours Truly is in green with hands on hips.

Archiving request from the British Library.

Bawla Grading Award - not the only award I received at Highpoint!

Boarding pass for the Tehran Holocaust Conference

Chris Tame and the Libertarian Alliance

Chris R. Tame (1949-2006) - 1

[These three practically identical photos of Chris were taken by myself at his FOREST office. I can’t remember the date but I should imagine it was circa 1992].

Chris R. Tame - 2
Chris R. Tame - 3

[I was fairly certain the three photos below were taken at a meeting held at the Institute Of Economic Affairs; this was confirmed by Sean Gabb, who dated them c1991].

Chris R. Tame - 4
Chris R. Tame - 5
Chris R. Tame - 6

[An additional photo, taken if I recall correctly at a different meeting at the IEA].

Chris R. Tame (in background) with Lord Harris - 7

See also memoir

Jake Hornberger - American Libertarian - at an LA meeting, circa 1994
Jake Hornberger (2)
Jake Hornberger (3)
Jake Hornberger (4)
Jake Hornberger with Chris Tame

James Le Fanu at a Libertarian Alliance meeting

Professor Antony Flew (1923-2010) - 1
Professor Flew - 2

I was saddened to learn of the death of Professor Flew on April 13; I received the news in a routine mailing from Sean Gabb; he died on April 8. I can’t profess to have known him well but he was probably the only Englishman I ever met who had actually visited Nazi Germany, which was qualification enough for him to be targeted on one occasion by the odious Searchlight gang.

I can’t remember when or where precisely I took the two photographs above, probably the early 1990s and definitely at a Libertarian Alliance conference in London. I had the odd correspondence with him over the years but hadn’t seen him for some considerable time before his death. I can’t say his conversion from lifelong atheist to a form of deism shocked me; he was not only a philosopher but an honest man, and would have had no hesitation at all in changing his mind if he realised (or believed in this case) that something he believed in was incorrrect.


Robert Whelan at a Libertarian Alliance meeting, circa 1994


Crystal Palace Park circa 1992

The Lake (1)
The Lake (2)

The Park (1)
The Park (2)


Dennis Bardens (1911-2004), photographed by Alexander Baron circa July 1992
Edward Goldsmith (1928-2009), photograph by Alexander Baron


Four Cartoons From My Bedroom Wall

Cartoons, especially political cartoons, are often both parochial and at times extremely ephemeral. This means that an outsider who happens across one years later may not have a clue what it is about. Thus very often the genius of the cartoonist is lost. The cartoons below (the titles are mine) were all at one point sellotaped to my bedroom wall. Three of them can be described as political. The first - which is not - was sent to me by a supporter (dare I say an admirer?) many years ago. It is slightly incomplete; there was some text at the bottom, but when it was torn out of the newspaper (I know not which) only the tops of a couple of words were visible, so I have edited it to give it a smooth look. I have searched for it on-line, but to no avail. Whatever the original joke, this is of course an in-joke, and I have also put it at the top of my HomePage.

The second was published after the conviction of the former high flying politician Jonathan Aitken for perverting the course of justice. In prison he claimed to have found religion, a claim that was met with more than a little skepticism, but this conversion appears to have been genuine, and he has certainly redeemed himself since, especially as it was suing a newspaper for libel that led to his downfall, and the press in Britain is held in such low esteem that his sins are now surely forgiven.

The third cartoon needs no explanation; it was published shortly after the election of the Blair Government.

The fourth is quite brilliant, but extremely ephemeral. It appeared in the Times, March 12, 1997. At that time, the recently discovered Hale-Bopp Comet was approaching the Earth. The terrified astronomer is then Prime Minister John Major; the cow at the tail of the comet represents the BSE scandal. Quite brilliant.


Aitkenus inchokeyus




George Weiss circa 1993

George Weiss - Captain Rainbow
George Weiss with a supporter (1)
George Weiss with a supporter (2)

George Weiss with friends/supporters (1)
George Weiss with friends/supporters (2)
George Weiss with friends/supporters (3)
George Weiss with friends/supporters (4)
George Weiss with friends/supporters (5)

George Weiss at home (1)
George Weiss at home (2)
George Weiss at home (3)
George Weiss at home (4)

George Weiss - Captain Rainbow poster


Harris Suite, Stamford Bridge, January 31, 2014


Helen Chamberlain’s Ladbrokes profile
Although I’ve always liked blondes, this small photograph and related profile appeals to me for aesthethic rather than sexual reasons.


Hugo Cornwall

Hugo Cornwall (1)
Hugo Cornwall (2)
Hugo Cornwall (3)
Hugo Cornwall (4)
Hugo Cornwall’s bookshelf


Eh? This is the cover of a tape put out by Andrew Savage in 1989. For the full background to this and the sad story of my music non-career, the reader is referred to the Music Section.

Click here for photos related to the poem In Snowdonia

Jessie Gilbert (1987-2006)
See also memoir

Jonathan Bowden (1962-2012)
See also obituary

Kate Millson - friend and colleague of Tom Caldwell (see below)

Lady Birdwood

Lady Jane Birdwood (1913-2000) at the Notting Hill Carnival - 1
Lady Birdwood - 1 (higher resolution)
Lady Birdwood - 2
Lady Birdwood - 3
Lady Birdwood - 4
Click here for the Birdwood interviews


Mark Taha with “The Greatest”

Morris Riley (1945-2001)
Click here for Morris Riley obituary

Outside the bank

The above photograph appeared in the May 1991 issue of Management Today; it was given or sold to the magazine by a fellow NUJ member without my knowledge, and probably without knowing who took it. There is a long story behind this, but even today this affair is something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like so many of my journalistic/researching and publishing misadventures. It is published here solely because it is the first and most likely only photograph I have ever had published or will ever have published in a major national magazine.

Maple Road, Penge circa 1992

Metro Cars - opposite Penge Library
Penge Library - opposite Metro Cars
The Fat Controller


Mark Taha at a demonstration.
The above is actually a screengrab from a news video. The demonstration was held outside Pentonville Prison in March 2014.


My Disability Card




I scanned this some time ago but hadn’t intended to publish it. It became an issue in 1996-7 due to a little shit of a pig (a member of our wonderful police force). I won’t go into the reasons for that here, but it became an issue again, of sorts, this week, after some on-line banter with that creep and moron Larry O’Hara.

Suffice it to say, I hope it gives him considerable pleasure to know that I have not had a day entirely free from pain since October 1988. That is the only bona fide reason he and his ilk have ever been or will ever be able to laugh at my expense.

June 27, 2012


No Parking By Order Of God


Paris - June 1992

The photographs below were taken in the French capital with my £99 camera:

Laura Pérez - 1 three photographs taken by Yours Truly, Saturday, June 27, 1992, at some French institute the name of which I have long since forgotten
Laura Pérez - 2
Laura Pérez - 3

Outside the Bibliothèque Nationale - the National Library of France
The Bibliothèque Nationale
Eiffel Tower - near distance (1)
Eiffel Tower - near distance (2)
View from the Eiffel Tower - 1
View from the Eiffel Tower - 2
View from the Eiffel Tower - 3
View from the Eiffel Tower - 4
View from beneath the Eiffel Tower
I thought the pyramids were in Egypt!
Sooty and Sweep take the Metro!
Taken en route to the Eiffel Tower

Rauchen Verboten! - the war on smoking, early 1990s

Reservoir Dog (1)
Reservoir Dog (2)
Reservoir Dog (3)

Say NO to White GeNOcide!

Shocking Bad Beat - for background (and a happier story) click here.

Simon Wolff (1957-95) - 1

Simon Wolff was Senior Lecturer in Toxicology at University College London. I can’t remember the date I interviewed him, but my slightly whimsical Smoking And Something Else - which was based on this interview - was published in 1993. I ran into him again sometime later at Victoria Station. In the Summer of 2008 I had dug out some old photographs to scan for this site, including these three. I had intended to send him the originals, but a search on Google revealed - to my shock and horror - that he had died as long ago as 1995. I can’t profess to have known him at all well but he was a genuinely nice guy whose work lives on in the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation.

I asked him to pose for these photographs; in the second two, his computer is switched off!

Simon Wolff - 2
Simon Wolff - 3


These are photos of Yours Truly speaking.

May 28, 2005

May 28, 2005

September 17, 2005

Click here for December 18, 2010

THE LAW SOCIETY IS BENT - taken outside the High Court

The Spook’s Calling Card

Tehran - Alexander Baron, the one and only
Tehran - someone called Barron!

Tom Caldwell (1944-94) - 1

Tom Caldwell and his colleague Kate Millson (see above) worked for Catford Centre for the Unemployed, which I used for a number of years from the mid-80s. I found it by chance while I was fly pitching in Catford (the things I’ve done to try to make a crust). An obituary of sorts for Tom can be found in my magnum opus beginning at page 137.

Click here for my contribution to the CCU 1989-90 Annual Report (PDF).

Tom Caldwell - 2
Tom Caldwell - 3

With Mark Taha (includes explanatory text)

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