September 8-15, 2000: This is one false allegation of rape plus two allegations of assault, but they are bundled together here because they appeared together in the Boston Herald of November 4, 2000, page 10. And because they are hilarious.

All the complaints relate to the Dartmouth campus of the University of Massachusetts. The first unidentified female claimed to have been raped on September 8, but then admitted to state troopers that the sex was consensual: she “concocted a story because she was afraid her parents would learn of her sexual activity”.

The second claimed to have been attacked on September 9, but fought off the fiend. On September 15 she was driving on campus when she thought she saw someone being attacked; she got out to investigate/help, and was grabbed from behind. The attacker had a knife, or would have, had he existed, but: “she made up the second attack because she felt her first report failed to generate enough attention.”

[The NewsBank version of the newspaper was consulted; the article is called Two admit campus attacks were fakes, and is credited to Ed Hayward].

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