False Rape Allegation By Two Sisters In Ottawa

March 24, 2003: Sisters Fawn and Terese tell Ottawa Police they were drugged and raped by two men.

This nearly 13 minute archived video relates to this case. It speaks for itself, but a few points:

It is notable that more and more often the police are putting female officers in charge of rape investigations. As long as they are not rad-fems (and clearly these here are not), that is a good thing. Nobody understands the murky thoughts of a woman like another woman. We are not told here why the investigating officer was so confident these two were not telling the whole truth, but I would suggest she had considerable evidence from multiple parties, perhaps even photographic/video evidence. As has been documented thoroughly elsewhere, the drugging and raping of women is extremely rare. As far as any drug is used, it is usually self-administered alcohol.

The so-called experts alluded to herein are no such thing; Elizabeth Sheehy is a feminist academic whose vacuous book Defending Battered Women On Trial has been shredded by a number of critics including the anti-feminist vlogger Diana Davison.

Polygraphs are junk science, whatever this particular police officer says or thinks about them.

Jessica Carfagnini is a lesbian as well as a feminist.

The commentary by Jane Doe is a wilfully deceptive juxtaposition, and just because she didnít lie doesnít mean other women donít.

We hear the usual statistical garbage. For the Nth time, nobody knows how many sexual assaults - rape and otherwise - are not reported.

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