Heidi Külzer and Horst Arnold

August 28, 2001: Heidi Külzer is allegedly raped by Horst Arnold. In this infamous case from Germany, the accuser was known as Heidi K during the legal proceedings. For those who read German, check this out.

Heidi K claims to have been anally raped by Horst Arnold in a school classroom. No one sees them. She doesn’t scream. And she burns her soiled underwear out of shame like most genuine rape victims do. Not. With no physical evidence. Arnold is arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to five years in prison. Had he been so convicted in the United States, what sentence he would have received is anyone’s guess.

In July 2011, Arnold is exonerated, but he doesn’t live to see Heidi K’s numerous lies catch up with her because he dies from a heart attack on June 29, 2012. Külzer is sentenced to five and a half years by a Darmstadt court in September 2013.

Scholteacher Heidi K: the mendacious liar who destroyed the life of an innocent colleague.

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