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(1) On July 2, 1997, following a written inquiry, I received a phone call from Syracuse University; the caller - whose name I didn’t note - informed me that Gable had indeed lectured at the London campus, on journalism for several years and said he was “absolutely wonderful”. He also confirmed his American Professorship but not his MA in Criminology. This was confirmed shortly after I wrote to Middlesex University asking if I might read his dissertation. Subsequently I received a phone call from a departmental head who told me that if I wished to do that I would have to contact Searchlight. I had the impression that he had contacted Gable prior to phoning me, and that Gable had told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of me!

(2) In October 1985, the Metropolitan Police searched the Broadwater Farm home of an overweight black woman, Mrs Cynthia Jarrett, while her son was in custody. She appears to have suffered a heart attack, and literally dropped dead. This led to a full scale riot on the Broawater Farm Estate, during which PC Keith Blacklock was murdered; his head was practically hacked off.

Disgraceful though that was, what followed was even more so. Three men were framed for the murder, including Winston Silcott. At the time of the riot, Silcott was actually out on bail having been charged with the murder of another young black man, Anthony Smith. Silcott and his two co-defendants - the Broadwater Farm Three - were eventually cleared by the Court of Appeal. Among other things, it was clearly demonstrated by forensics that the police had manufactured a boast (rather than a confession) that he had murdered Keith Blacklock. In total contrast, Silcott’s conviction for the murder of Anthony Smith was sound, and was upheld on appeal.

Commenting on the Broadwater Farm riot, the black councillor Bernie Grant (1944-2000) alluded to the police having been given “a bloody good hiding”. In 1987, he was elected Labour MP for Tottenham.

(3) This ↓ is a large format scan of the relevant sentence.

As far as I am aware, Gable’s sole contribution to “investigating” the Mafia is a short article The darker side of video viewing, which was published in the Illustrated London News, July 1980, page 62.

It remains to be seen if Don Corleone ever had any substantial interests in either the video or dirty book trades!

(4) The reader will find much documentation to this effect on both this website and SearchlightArchive, but the best starting place is Searchlight On Gerry Gable’s Nazi Links....

Among other things this includes a scan of her letter “S.H., Pinner, Middlesex.” in defence of Zionism. It is clear from this, inter alia, that the former Sonia Hochfelder was not only known to be a Jew but accepted as such - certainly by those with whom she shared her favours!

Below is some flim-flam from Gable’s witness statement...“great personal risk” indeed. Of getting pregnant, perhaps?

(5) Documentation to this effect can be found at the Public Record Office in file J77/2438/6081.

(6) For an analysis of this programme, click here.

(7) This ↓ is a large format scan of the relevant paragraph.

(8) Scans of the relevant cuttings can be found at this page, so that the reader may compare them for himself.

(9) At this point, I opened my shirt and exposed a T-shirt on which was embossed a large blue star. With six points, of course! Unfortunately, Michèle Renouf had affixed a microphone to the former, and it snagged somewhat, reducing the effect. Incidentally, I wore the same red shirt for this speech as I had in Tehran on December 12, 2006. Just for you, Gerry!

(10) Again, with regard to here and the next four paragraphs, I would refer the interested reader to A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons, which can be found at this link. The 3rd Edition is the most relevant as it includes documentation extracted from Public Record Office files.

The attempt to frame Colin Jordan is also discussed in my unofficial biography of the Nazi leader, see in particular pages 27-8.

(11) The three files below (in PDF) are extracted from this correspondence;

From Leslie Plommer, April 16, 2009 - failing to address the issue
Baron to Guardian, April 16, 2009 - spelling it out clearly
Baron to Guardian, April 27, 2009 - telling them exactly how much their reputation is worth.

By this time it was obvious the paper had no intention of publishing any kind of correction or retraction, and I was just as obviously being stonewalled, so I took my complaint straight to the PCC.

(12) I have dealt with this on SearchlightArchive; see here, and here for the PCC’s adjudication.

(13) A compressed PDF can also be found on SearchlightArchive at the link.

(14) This is the start of my cameo with the false nose and policeman’s helmet...

In this connection, Sweeney is a rather weak example of Cockney rhyming slang, ie Sweeney Todd (the demon barber of Fleet Street) meaning Flying Squad. The Sweeney is also the name of a cult TV series from the 1970s, and the “Da-da daaa, da-da daaa” which follows is a rather poor emulation of its theme music. For some reason, the surname Sweeney also appears to be a popular one for police officers; at the time of writing, there is an Assistant Chief Constable Sweeney serving with Manchester Police.

(15) “No Evidence” of TA-Nazi “goings on”, published in the Daily Telegraph, May 12, 1976, page 3.

(16) Whenever I allude specifically to Searchlight magazine, I italicise the word, thus. When referring to another branch of the Gable octopus, or to the Searchlight Organisation generally, the italics are dispensed with.

(17) The August 1988 issue of Searchlight contains an article FARRAKHAN OF WORMS. Below is another extract from Gable’s witness statement. And Farrakhan never said any such thing! Although Minister Farrakhan is noted for his fiery rhetoric, which has often been directed at his fellow blacks, his reference was to “dirty religion”, which was an attack on people who use religion - not necessarily Judaism - for nefarious reasons. Gable goes on to allude to a report by the Anti-Defamation League, which is truly ironic, because the Jews who control the ADL are even more perfidious than him. On February 6, 2009, Abraham Foxman (the man at the very top of this Semitic snake), uttered the following words: “I have never, never heard the application of proportionality, I have never heard the dastardly argument ‘well only thirteen Israelis died’. What other country has been given that standard...if one gets killed, you can only kill one?”

This was in the wake of the Gaza Massacre, an open condonation of mass murder. Like Gable and his perfidious organisation, Foxman and his perfidious organisation see anti-Semitism everywhere, and are not averse either to inventing lies or repeating readily provable lies, such as the claim that the President of Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

(18) In At War With Society, Gable puts the following words into Tim Hepple’s mouth: “At Christmas 1988 during the holiday a girl in my village was going out with a black guy. Despite everything, I couldn’t think of one good reason why they shouldn’t go out together”.

Of course you wouldn’t, Gerry, think of all those lovely half-caste babies, you sicko.

The full citation for the above is At War With Society: The Exclusive Story Of A Searchlight Mole Inside Britain’s Far Right, published by Searchlight Magazine, London, (1993), page 13.

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